Friends you will agree with me that Visa interview could be very frustrating only when you are really not ready, True/false? Quiet number of people/applicant that I have seen, going in for their interview while smiling only to come out after 1 to 2 hour with a rough and moody look as if it is your right to be in that particular country. My friend if you have been denied Visa on several occasion, that you now reason in such a way that what you are going through can only be from your village then think twice before you commit suicide, first you have to come to reality that getting a visa to your choice of destination is a privilege and not a right.

10 Regular Mistakes People Make At Visa Interviews 1

Below are common mistake people make at Visa interviews and simple ways to avoid such next time

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Incomplete documentation

Most visa applicants fail to attach enough documents required to support their application. I have seen lots of people who run to me after their failed interview, and have noticed that their documents are far from being complete. My advice is this; attach all documents both the one you think is relevant and the one you think is not relevant.

Not being well prepared for an interview

Preparing for an interview is a must; therefore you should never show up for a visa interview unprepared. You should research on frequently asked questions and prepare your response to such questions. Ensure you have original copies of relevant documents readily available in case it is required.

Inconsistent information

This is why preparedness is king. Providing conflicting or inconsistent information may negatively affect your visa application.

Not telling the truth

This is a common mistake people make at visa interviews. Some even tell lies that are irrelevant. No matter how good you are at lying, this is never a good idea. False information can have severe impact on your future ability to apply for a visa.

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Providing unnecessary information or talking too much

In an attempt to convince the interviewing officer, most people end up talking too much or providing information that are irrelevant to their application. The problem with this is you may end up giving information that may require more proof or explanation which may not help your application. Limit your answers to the questions asked you must not answer all question, systematically dodge some.

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Arguing with the interviewing officer

I see this happen a lot of times. Some people do this out of nervousness or where they feel they haven’t been given a fair chance. Irrespective of the reason, it is never a good idea to argue with the interviewing officer. You do want something from them, don’t you? Be coherent and polite even when it is not reciprocated do not forget approval of visa to you is a privilege not your right.

Appearing nervous

We know that interview at embassies can be quite intimidating due to uncertainties surrounding visa applications. Your body language says a lot, this is why it is important to be well prepared in order to boost your confidence, and to remain calm throughout your visa interview.

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Not dressing properly

If you want to be treated well dress well, Decisions on visa approval are dependent on many factors which may include your appearance and ability to convince the officer. Therefore, you should make an effort to appear well.

Not communicating well

Your response should be clear and concise. Where you do not understand the questions asked during your visa interview, don’t be afraid to ask again or request for a regional language interpreter.

Arriving late for your interview

Arriving late can affect your level of preparedness therefore avoid it totally

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