Brunei Visa Application Guide and Requirement | COMPLETE BRUNEI VISA APPLICATION REQUIREMENT’S & GUIDE | Brunei Visa Application Guide… Brunei is a small yet mighty sovereign state located on the North coast of the Island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. The country is also massively surrounded by the Malaysian State of Sarawak as it’s a coastline with the South China Sea. Its capital city is the Bandar Seri Begawan.



Latest Update 2017: Brunei Visa Application Guide and Requirement

As a matter of fact there are so many fun places to visit in Brunei, remember I said it’s small yet mighty.

Furthermore the landmarks in Brunei are flawlessly attractive and alluring, and you would want to miss the excitement of visiting the Jerudong Park, Istana Nurul Iman Palace, Royal Regalia museum, Ulu Ulu National Park Resort, Pantai Seri Kananga beach with friends and families for vacation or trip.

Visa Requirements for Nigerians Travelling to Brunei

  1. First and foremost Original, signed Nigeria passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity.
  2. Furthermore Passport-type photographs: 4 passport photographs
  3. Afterward Visa application form: Visa application form filled out in detail (block letters) and signed by the applicant.
  4. Above all Appointment Letter
  5. Similarly Acceptance Letter from the Applicant.Acceptance Letter from the Applicant must be provided.
  6. Certificate of Qualifications attested by MEA & HRD Ministry.
  7. Lastly Quota Approval Letter from Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs.Letter from Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Brunei Other Requirements

Visa exempt for a stay of up to 30 days, applicants must;

  • Firstly Hold a passport valid at least six months on entry with one blank visa page
  • Hold proof of sufficient funds in the form of a bank statement or cash
  • Hold proof of onward/return airline tickets
  • Furthermore Hold documents showing proof of purpose of trip
  • Hold all documents required for the next destination
  • Hold a visa for the next destination, if required
  • Lastly Confirm with their airline that boarding will be permitted without a visa as these conditions are subject to change

How to Apply For Brunei Visa

As a matter of fact Visas are obtained from Brunei High Commissions and Embassies in other countries before arrival at a Brunei Immigration Checkpoint.

Furthermore Nationals from many countries have automatic permission to enter Brunei and do not require a pre-arranged Visa to receive an Entry Pass at an Immigration Checkpoint.

Nevertheless an Entry Pass is issued on entering Brunei; it is stamped into the passport at an Immigration Checkpoint. It defines how long the person can stay in Brunei, and whether the pass is valid for single or multiple entries.

There are 10 Immigration Checkpoints in Brunei:

  1. Brunei International Airport, Berakas (commercial & private aircraft)
  2. Bandar Seri Begawan Wharf (water taxis to/from Limbang)
  3. Kuala Lurah, Brunei-Muara district (vehicles to/from Limbang)
  4. Sungai Tujuh, Kuala Belait district (vehicles to/from Miri & Kuching)
  5. Puni, Temburong district (vehicles to/from Limbang)
  6. Labu, Temburong district (vehicles to/from Lawas & Kota Kinabalu)
  7. Muara Port (commercial shipping & cruise ships)
  8. Anduki Airport, Seria (private aircraft – Brunei Shell helicopter base)
  9. Customs Wharf, Kuala Belait (ships, ferries & private yachts)
  10. Serasa Ferry Terminal – Muara (ferries to Labuan & Lawas, and private yachts)

Requirements to receive an Entry Pass on arrival in Brunei:

  1. No doubt A valid passport or /travel document
  2. Assuredly the passport must have a validity of at least 6 months when entering Brunei
  3. Lastly Nationals from the following countries do not need a Visa to enter Brunei: Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, The Republic of Maldives, Norway, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines – receive a 14 day visit pass on arrival

Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom – receive a 30 day visit pass on arrival

United States – receive a 90 day visit pass on arrival

Note: If you plan to travel in and out of Brunei during the period of your entry pass, be sure to request a multiple-entry visit pass

  1. Nationals from other countries require a valid pre-arranged Visa in their passport prior to arrival in Brunei
  2. Above all A Transit Visa can be obtained at any immigration entry point by any nationality on arrival.

Transit visas are only available for up to 72 hour period.

It is possible to apply for a Visit Pass or Transit Pass extension at the Immigration Office once admitted to Brunei.

Nationals who require a Visa and who intend to travel in an out of Brunei during the validity period of their visa should ensure they apply for a multiple entry visa.

Nationals from Israel not normally granted a Visa for Brunei.

How to apply for a Pre-arranged Visitor Visa?

  1. All things considered Submit an application to the Brunei Embassy or High Commission where the applicant resides.
  2. Submit an application to any other Brunei Embassy or High Commission in any other country.
  3. Lastly Be prepared to show evidence of a return or ongoing ticket, or other means of leaving the country eg: vehicle, yacht etc.

Visit Visa/Entry Pass Fees

Transit Pass – Bn$5.00

Single Entry – B$20.00

Multiple Entry – B$50.00

NOTE: Be careful to select the desired Visa type on the application form at the point of entry. Be sure to have small denomination notes in Brunei or Singapore currency to pay for the Visa; Immigration officials don’t operate a foreign currency exchange service, and it’s very likely they won’t have change for big notes.

These Regulations are subject to change. If in doubt, check with your nearest Brunei consular office.

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