2016/2017 & 2018 WAEC Agricultural Science Answers/Questions – Agric Practical Solution 2017 To 2018

2016/2017 & 2018 WAEC Agricultural Science Answers/Questions – Agric Practical Solution 2017 To 2018

Yes now we have answers to questions you have long waited for, here in this topic on Agric Practical Solution Karisas Travel will be dishing out all you need as long as it has to do with results like exams, education, schools, updates, specimen and many more.
What ever is written on this website should not be used as an expo rather go through it over and over again before you get into the exam hall. You know we will always wish you good luck. How was your previous practical was it good? am asking about practicals like , Biology practicals, first agric practical. 
This is the WAEC 2017 Agricultural Science (Practical Agric) Answers for May/June.


1 a)
  1. Nitrogen
  2. Phosphorus
  3. Potassium

2016/2017 & 2018 WAEC Agricultural Science Answers/Questions - Agric Practical Solution 2017 To 2018 1


1 aii)

  1. Ring method
  2. Side placing
  3. Broad casting

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1 bi )
  1. Control pond algae
  2. It is used to Enrich compost
  3. It is used to Block and control garden pests .

1 bii )

  1. For neutralizing and reduce soil acidity
  2. It helps in freeing up soil minerals , and making them available for absorption into the plant
  3. It is used for reducing water acidity


  1. It increase organic content of the soil
  2. It increase soil structure
  3. It increase soil perforation

2 ai) Agric Specimen I

  • It is used for carrying farm produce
  • It is used for carrying farm input e.g. fertilizer

Agric Specimen J

  1. It is used to sharpening edges of cutlass
  2. It is used to straighten rough edge of farm tools

2 aii )

  1. Store in dry and clean environment or place
  2. Wash and clean it after used

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3 ai)

– Stunted growth
– Galls on leaves
– It causes diseases to crops
– It decreases the farm yield

3 aii )

– Spray with insecticides
– Uproot and burn infected plants


  1. Used as cover crop to check erosion
  2. It helps in nitrogen fixation in the soil

3 bii )

– Pod borers
– Bean beatetle
– Leaf hoppers
4 ai)

3 breeds of farm animal which produce T are
– Brown leghorn
– White leghorn
– Rhoda island red

4 aii )

– It is a source of protein to feed of livestocks
– It is a source of protein to man
– It is a source of income to breeders when sold
– It is a source of calcium to poultry

4 bi )

 – It can be harvested by using fishing net
– It can also be harvested by using hook and line

4 bii )

– Oil
– Bone
– Scale

4 biii )

– Sun drying
– Smoking
– Salting
– Canning



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