2016/2017/2018 WAEC Specimen | Biology Questions/Answers

2016/2017/2018 WAEC Specimen | Biology Questions/Answers

Here we have provided details on Biology WAEC specimen from the year 2016, 2017 to even the year 2018. No doubt Students from West African countries like;: Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Liberia, Sierra Lone, Benin Republic and many more W.A.C.

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2017 Waec Biology Pratical Questions And Answer

Student can also help their future by reading hard for the upcoming exams Because we have now noticed that answers are now highly needed by students who did not study very hard for their examination. We have always advised students writing WAEC to use the syllabus provided by the West African Examination Council to study before the examination so that they can know the expected 2017 waec biology practical specimen A & B questions and answers this in turn will lead you very far.

Please Student who might not be aware should note that the Biology exam paper will hold 6/04/2017, and it will come in sets. Read guidelines to the WAEC 2017/2018 Time table:

Wednesday, 26th April, 2017 – Biology Practical Exam Date

(Alternative A)
hrs. 10.30 hrs
1st Set
B) (Alternative to Practical Work)
hrs. 10.30 hrs.
(Alternative A)
hrs. 13.00 hrs
2nd Set
Biology 3 (Practical (Alternative A) – 08.30 hrs. – 10.30 hrs. (1st Set)
Biology 3 (Alternative B) (Alternative to Practical Work)  08.30 hrs. – 10.30 hrs.
Biology 3 (Practical (Alternative A) – 11.00 hrs. – 13.00 hrs. (2nd Set)

Yes it is true that the WAEC examiners will set questions from the WAEC past questions, therefore you are advised to use the source as a source of revision this in turn will put you through in knowing or having an idea on possible questions and answer to all of them. If you have not studied them, you still have few days before the exam, why don’t you go now and get a copy from the market or business centers near you and revise it for your own good Karisas Best Advice.

There are several sources of getting biology expo online as bloggers will publish it on their websites/blogs but you are not helping yourself. Most students goes into the exam hall with hidden cheats written on paper. in some schools, students even enter the examination hall with their text books hidden inside their school uniform. It has also been noticed that since mobile phone became rampant, students now use it as means of malpractice. They use it to send and receive text messages (SMS) inside the examination hall.

If you are among these set of people, desist from it now because you are not helping yourself. Instead, read your books and past question paper and pass well with pride so that you can defend your WAEC result anywhere you go. You should read more about 25 grasses and their botanical name; Answer for biology practical waec; 2017 waec chemistry practical alternative B etc.

Exam Malpractice is a crime – STOP IT

This website and his team do not encourage malpractice of any form, do not impersonate anyone in the exam and do not let anyone write waec for you. If you are caught, you could be sent to jail and your WAEC Result could be withheld, seized or canceled.

What is Biology Practical Examination?

This is a collection or set of experiments that show case in details a wide range of biological attributes & processes. Experiments are placed within real-life contexts, and have links to carefully selected further reading.

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