2018/2019 SCHOOL, BUSINESS Opportunities in Nigeria | As a matter of fact you don’t need to be a professor in Nigeria to invest in the education sector, what you need is the right information and a good idea and you are good to go. Searching Education Business Ideas | Business Opportunities in Nigeria for 2018 | The education sector in Nigeria is still growing which presents a lot of business opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs in the country.
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If you are you interested in starting a business in the education sector, then below are education business ideas & opportunities you can start and earn unlimited income in Nigeria for 2018 and beyond.

In Nigeria today there are currently 53+ university-institutions in Nigeria, owned variously by the Federal and State Governments, and the private sector. Also, there are more than 250 higher education (HE) centres, including Polytechnics and Colleges of Education.

With hundreds and thousands of secondary and primary schools spread across the Country, this is an opportunity for you have to start earning unlimited income; by creating supportive services for this sector of the Nigerian economy.

2018/2019 SCHOOL, BUSINESS Opportunities in Nigeria

2018/2019 SCHOOL, BUSINESS Opportunities in Nigeria

How to benefit from education sector business opportunities

With a properly done feasibility study and a well written business plan, i strongly believe you have a chance to succeed as an entrepreneur in the education sector.

Average Cost of Securing a Shop Space

The average cost of securing a space in any higher institution varies, for instance in Lagos; a mini shop outlets is N2000+ per month, while a bigger shop outlets cost N3500+ per month, a free space cost N1000 per month, and for some of the business opportunities listed here, you may not need to operate from the schools or campuses, you can use your home as an office or you operate an office entirely outside the school or campuses

Joint Ownership: This is a situation where two people come together to rent a space or outlet. There are situations where more than three individuals operate in an office. Having made this point clear, below are the 14 education business opportunities that can fetch you unlimited income

Start a Recruitment Agency

This is not new but I have not seen any recruitment agency that is set up primarily for the education industry. This is where you can come in. You can distinguish your business from the existing ones by announcing to the whole world that your job is to recruit for schools and nothing more. Your slogan can be; “We recruit for schools and nothing more!” This will announce your agency quickly amongst the elite schools in the country.

Most of the elite schools are getting busier by the day and need specialized agency to recruit staff for their schools. They also need this service to fill positions left by any member of their staff during the course of the session. This can be another great education business idea if you put in so much effort and passion into setting it up.

As a matter of fact you can extend your service to other educational establishments in the country apart from the secondary schools and primary schools. You can also add functional guidance counseling department with your services as you grow. You can carry out lots of researches on the internet to obtain relevant interview materials

Invest in Seasonal Book Sales

Your major duty is to pick already published books and find a market for them. You don’t even need to open a bookshop to do this business. This is a seasonal business and the market according to an unconfirmed report is worth over a billion naira put together. The Nigerian academic calendar runs on a three terms per session format and the third or last term is when you are expected to be active as a seasonal book sales businessperson, and it won’t even affect your normal or regular job.

To succeed in this business, you need to visit schools as early as the beginning of the second term to collect copies of their book list and to obtain permission to supply books to their students. You can also visit the Ministry of Education in your state or at the local government for copies of the list of books. You should find out the location of the publishers of the book you want to supply.

2018/2019 SCHOOL, BUSINESS Opportunities in Nigeria

Let me inform you at this stage that you may not be able to supply all the textbooks. You should just pick one or two and see what you can do with that. However, if you have the capacity to supply all, you can go ahead. The books on languages like Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa language and other literature books, I have observed from experience are the ones that most schools need suppliers for. You won’t have so much competition for these subjects.

School Chalk Production is a necessity

School chalk production and marketing is still an education business idea that can fetch a smart businessperson great income for years to come. There is still a large market for this business and the supplies are few. The equipment for the production of chalk at a small-scale level are mould mixing, hand gloves, mixer, dryer, trays. Raw materials required for the production of chalk are calcium carbonate, thickener, colorant for colored chalks, limestone. Limestone can be used to substitute for Calcium carbonate. You can start with a little as N30,000.

Set up Internet for Schools

A lot of Schools in Nigeria are looking for people who will give them quality internet access. Most private and public schools need this service and I believe you can take up the opportunity as an educational businessperson. There are many internet service providers in the country that you can visit. You can also use the 3G broadband technology, which will guarantee improved transmission speed and reduction in internet service prices

Set up Cyber cafés Business in the Higher Institutions

The cyber cafes business can be a very profitable venture in the higher institution. With the use GSM 3G broadband internet service, you should be able to start one in any higher institution in Nigeria. I visited some café in some higher institutions; there were no free computers at almost any time of the day.

Barber’s Shop or Salon in Schools

This is a small-scale education business opportunity and it will be very profitable for you if have the barbing skill. Most of the boarding schools may be in need of your service if you can barb. You can approach the schools and offer your hair cut services, I bet that the schools will be ready to do business with you. There are so many boarding schools springing up and this business can add a lot more to your income especially if you have more than 5 schools under your care.

The best way to approach any school is for you to pay a visit to any of the house parents or house masters (these are the custodian of the children in the hostel). If you can win them over, then you can get the job. You can also do this business even if you do not have barbing skills, by teaming up with an expert on the trade. Find him the schools and the contracts and share the profits with him.

School Review on Radio and Television

You can start a Television or Radio talk reviewing the performance of schools (Nursery/primary, secondary, or private institutions) in this country. Nigeria currently has about 140 TV stations and over 200 radio stations and you can start packaging quality programme contents for this sector. The various Television and Radio houses will also love this initiative and this can even provide you an opportunity to collaborate with them, if you can submit a great proposal to them highlighting the benefits of your programme to them and the public.

You have to do a lot to support your show at the early stage especially if you cannot find a radio or TELEVISION station to partner with. You will however, in no distant future begin to earn enough revenue from adverts placements to support your programme. Your major preoccupation at the early stage is to put in lots of efforts to make your programme become a “darling” of TELEVISION viewers and Radio listeners.

Scholarship Consultancy

There is a growing intense pressure on students, parents, guidance counselors, and school owners to obtain genuine information on this topic. Though some schools have guidance counseling departments to source for this information, most of them still lack some of the vital information on this topic. This is where you can come in as an intending education business man.

You can go over to the internet to do proper research and documentation on this topic. There are actually organizations, schools, and individuals giving out scholarships to deserving students all over the world. Find out about some of these organizations online and start making money in this sector

Campus Newspaper

The fact that most universities and colleges have campus newspapers does not mean that they are good papers or that there is no room for another campus newspaper. Creating and producing an unofficial campus newspaper is very straightforward. The paper can be published on a weekly or monthly basis and distributed free of charge throughout the campus and community.

Selling classified and displaying advertising to local business wishing to gain exposure to the paper readership base will support the paper, information, articles featured in the newsletter can focus on campus issues and events, and most of the information can be obtained free from students, readers and freelance hobby writers

Uniform Merchant

Every parent one way or the other pay for school uniforms. Many of these schools will not allow their students to make their uniforms from an external source. All the uniform needs of the students must pass through the school. There is so much money exchanging hands in this school uniform business that I believe a smart businessperson should take advantage of.

Education Seminar Facilitation

I am sure this may be news to you that most schools in Nigeria (primary, secondary, higher institutions) have formed the habits of searching for and engaging the services of different speakers on different topics to teach either their students or staff members at different times during every school session. To them, if you are a speaker on any topic that will add values to their staff and students, you are welcomed to deliver your services in their schools.

I am one of the beneficiaries of this business workshop. I have been invited for various workshops at different level; you can also join the train- with the right information. Most schools even have a budget for this, so it is left for you to find out how you can cut your own pie from this budget.

Writing and Quiz Competitions Organizer In schools

Writing or quiz competitions have been organized by different organizations in Nigerian schools from time immemorial. Many individuals and organizations are now cashing in on the prospects of making money on a regular basis by organizing such competitions However; you need to determine the type of competition you want to organize and which level of the Nigerian education industry you want to target.

Producing Educational Audios and Videos

There are not many educational audio and videos in the Nigerian market. This form of business should be right for the education industry. Educational products packaged in these formats can really aid the learning process of students. Students can learn adequately on their own without the presence of any physical or human guides.

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You can take the initiative now to set up an educational information marketing business or company; whose major or only activity is to produce good education audios and videos for the Nigerian market.

2018/2019 SCHOOL, BUSINESS Opportunities in Nigeria

As a final note, if you are really serious about making money and building a profitable money making idea into a successful business, then don’t waste any more time. Take advantage of the numerous money making opportunities in our educational sector and I will see you at the top.