6-Top Reasons You Should Not Argue With Road Officials

No doubt there is this attitudes that over takes us when we come in contact with some road officials like the Police men at check point, Road Safety (FRSC) officials in their hidden corners, Vehicle inspection Officers (VIO) though some of us are able to manage our anger while some are ready for the worst.

These unprepared checks are definitely frustrating.. However, it is better to be courteous and ensure the situation does not get out of control except you feel your life is in danger, this is because they can ruin your whole day.

Guide Yourself With These 6 Points Before You Get Into an Argument with Road Officials:

These Officials Have The Whole Time To Waste:
have in mind that they are already at their duty post while you are still trying to find your way-
Do not forget, time is money.. some of us even make the mistake of yelling at them that we are in a haste. Trust me, you will grow bear! bear!! (beards) at that checkpoint. Diplomacy and respect usually resolve issues faster try it one day.

They Can Damage Your Public Profile:

Your public profile might be at risk why because there are smart phones every where coupled with you not having an idea of who is either videoing, recording or even taking your photos. before you know what is happening you are all over Twitter, Facebook Google Whatsap and many of such social media..

Be Careful Your Actions Might Hunt You In Future:

Your video of you fighting a road official might just resurface in future when you might be aspiring for something great.

They Have The Law To Back Them Up:
Read this very true- do you believe that there are several laws in the books which remain unknown to us? These laws will be used against you when push comes to shove.. and the sad part is you cannot claim ignorance because “ignorance of the law is not an excuse” Therfore be careful

They Will Twist The Fact To Favor Themselves:

The whole story might just turn around all of a sudden for example-If you are a young guy that drives a nice car, they may say you are an internet fraudster. If they shoot someone accidentally, they will say he/she was an armed robber it happens every day.

Do It For God:

Avoid sleeping dogs don’t forget, “A hot-tempered person stirs up conflict, but the one who is patient calms a quarrel”let peace rain

6-Top Reasons You Should Not Argue With Road Officials 1

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