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What Is A Direct Flight?
A direct flight is known or can be identified by a single flight number. A direct flight can be a flight without a stopover (stopover means flight linking point A to B without landing in between).
A direct flight with a stopover this means linking point A to B with one or more stopover, usually for the purpose of refueling aircraft, well this all depends on the situation on ground. Though you may asked to remain on-board the aircraft while passengers disembark and new passengers board, you may also be asked to move over to transiting point.

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Direct flight mostly are short distanced, say Abuja(Nigeria) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) with an Emirates Airline as soon as it takes off from Abuja it will not land else were until it reaches its Hub which is at Dubai except because of the scarcity of aviation fuel in Nigeria it might decide to stopover at Accra (Ghana) to take some Fuel but even with that one will not say that’s not a direct flight from Abuja.

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What is A Connecting Flight?

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A connecting flight is also a non direct flight this is when it involves changing aircraft i.e. you are flying to Houston airport with Ethiopia Airline (ET) connecting with United Airline (UA) once you get to the transit airport, you will be invited to go to the transit area to continue your trip on a new aircraft which is UA.
You can also define connecting flight with this example A passenger flying with Egypt air from Kano international airport to Kuala lumpur (MMalaysia) Egypt air will fly that passenger to its Hub which is Cairo Egypt Capital from there the passenger will take the next flight which is now the connecting flight from Cairo straight to Kuala Lumpur with Saudi Arabia air.
Helpful Tips on Booking A connecting flight with Luggage Check in
It’s best you use a travel Agent to build your ittenary for you:
Reasons are:
They will Take care with the connection time: this means your transiting time before connecting to the next flight will be measured well not too short not too long with a reasonable fare.
Leave enough connection time between two flights to allow for unforeseen circumstances
At your departure airport: before you finally check in to take off your agent tell you how and when to connect your next flight.
Check-in: Your travel agent takes care of that for you and makes every effort to facilitate the check-in formalities for flights connecting with other airline.

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Luggage: Even if your agent is not there to check your luggage for you during your next connection flight your agent makes sure your luggage fits in the maximum kilogram for the next flight.
Please Note:
Most airline permits 2pcs (each luggage should not be more than 23kg) total luggage Kg is 46kg
Help full tips when in Transit Airport
At your transit airport only connecting passengers (those changing their flight to continue their journey) are invited to disembark from the aircraft, please make sure you get a boarding card only if it is necessary together with a transit card, also follow the Connection or transfer signs to make things easier for you.
Final Stage:
Please read through your ticket and check information screen inside the terminal to know your boarding gate please follow the exact signs and instruction shown to you.
A Reminder To My Readers
Always be at the airport on time at least 2hours before the check in time
Please very important make sure you understand every movement and connections before your final destination
Always know the name of your airline and its aircraft number e.g.Ethiopian Airlines ET 910
Communicate with those to pick you up before boarding.
Always go along with all your necessary documents
Drop a copy with your family members or your spouse before leaving your country
patience it a virtue exercise it in all your journey.
make sure your credit cards are with you
drop a copy of your passport at home
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