Airtel Night And Weekend Plans Repackaged (Unlimited Data Plans) 2018


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Afterward an amazing exclusive data deal and night browsing for your favorite music, movies and TV Series so you never miss a thing. That’s not all, you also get an unbeatable special weekend offer!

Meanwhile all I am interested in is the data! Airtel Night Plan: SmartTrybe Bundle And lot more DECEMBER 2017

Well, you should know that I tried it out and these are the speeds I got in Abuja City (Airtel is quite good in my location).

Airtel Night PlansAirtel Night Plan: SmartTrybe Bundle And lot more DECEMBER 2017

Furthermore now don’t get your hopes up, that’s Megabits per second not megabytes per second (yes there is a difference). In megabytes per second, that’s approximately 0.59MB/s.

I think these other shots should put it in context;

Airtel Night Plan: SmartTrybe Bundle And lot more DECEMBER 2017

I’m a huge Aiko fan ?

Airtel Night Plan: SmartTrybe Bundle And lot more DECEMBER 2017

Damn, low battery.

You’ve seen the pictures, here’s how to opt-in:

First off, you must be subscribed to Airtel SmartTrybe Tariff plan. Getting in is pretty easy, just dial *312#

After migrating to SmartTrybe, you’d have the option of 500MB for ₦25 (Mtn has a similar plan) or 1.5GB for ₦200. All you need to do is select the plan which is most convenient for you.

You can start surfing by 12 am but the plan gets terminated at 5.

Airtel 3 Hours for ₦1000 Unlimited Plan

This plan has been discontinued by Airtel. Dial *481# to see the notice.

This plan is only usable between 12 am and 6 am – the time normal humans use for sleeping. Fortunately/Unfortunately, I am not normal. The time normal folks are crashing is the time Internet scavengers (like me) get the bulk of our work done online – I am typing this post at 2:49 am.

Also, we both know that internet speeds are always maximum during off-peak periods (at night and weekends). So let’s assume your connection speed downloads at the rate of 300KB/s (which is even slow for nights), in 3 hours you would have downloaded/used-up 3GB data – do the math.

Assuming you are staying in an area with off-peak speeds of say 0.5MB/s, you would be bagging over 1.5GB for every hour used during that time.

What if you are lucky, and you’re staying in a place like mine:

Airtel Download speed

… and another …

Airtel download speed

That’s approximately 20GB in 3 Hours!

Wait, let me put it this way;

20GB for ₦1000! I.e. I am paying ₦50 per GB.

Hmmm …

I am not saying you should sacrifice your sleep for the internet, what I am trying to point out to you is this:

I know you have some huge files (movies, games, TV series, software, whatever) which you would love to download. Instead of doing it over the meager 1GB you’d normally get for a thousand naira, batch them and choose a day (maybe 2) during the week when you’d download them all.

Nevertheless this could save you thousands!

Meanwhile this plan will not be available forever (it was previously priced at ₦200), so make the most of it while it lasts.