#AMAA Rwanda ¬ #AMAA2017: 10 Reasons You Should Visit Kigali for AMA Awards Nomination 2017  

The 2017 AMAA Award is set to hold in one of the fast developing nations in Africa Rwanda-Kigali is the capital of Rwanda, and is known as one of the cleanest, most orderly cities in Africa. It is located at the center of Rwanda, with a road network spanning to other cities within the country. 

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There are very few better choices than Kigali as the location of the 2017 AMA Awards, with the city boasting diverse attractions with a highlight for almost every interest conceivable.. 

#AMAA Rwanda ¬ #AMAA2017: 10 Reasons You Should Visit Kigali for AMA Awards Nomination 2017 1
The Kigali Convention Center Is a world beater, inspired by the king’s bee hive-shaped Palace in Nyanza. The view at night is overwhelmingly attractive, with a transparent design that lets you enjoy the view, even from afar. Kigali Convention Center . 
Also the interior design is indescribably aesthetic. In 2009, the International Property Awards recognized the center with its Architecture Award for Africa. In 2013, the complex received one of the internationally recognized Iconic Awards in the Concept category, and in 2014, it was a nominee for the German Design Awards. 
Kigali boasts some of the best hotels you can find in the world. The Serena Hotel located in Kigali is particularly eye-catching. With 4.5 rating, the hotel’s facilities, services, and design will exceed your expectations. 
If you’re a nature lover, painter or tourist, you will find yourself hopelessly in love with the landscape, littered with picturesque hilltops and colorful houses like some colorful fantasy fairytale book. 
The hospitality of its people makes it a great place for integration. Outsiders are generally welcome and celebrated, and the people are open to advertising their culture. 
You’ll find yourself learning about Rwandan culture in no time. 
Their award-winning museums are a dream come true for any tourist. The Natural History Museum is a 5 star Museum where visitors can learn a lot about the country’s flora and fauna, geology and biological history. 
The city has no shortage of cultural artifacts and they’re willing to advertise that fact with several art studies committed to the cause. You’ll find yourself marveling at original art works, bead designs and handicraft at the Niyo Art Gallery and Inema Art Center  
Sports/athletics fans are not left out as Kigali is also a hotspot for sports, athletics and recreation. From the large Amahoro Stadium that hosts regular football events, to a number of other local establishments. The Nyarutarama Golf Course allows you to experience Rwanda’s great bird life whilst enjoying a round of golf on the emerald green fairways of the Kigali Golf Club. Equipment, clubs and caddies are available for hire; lessons available at very reasonable rates. 
The restaurants combine unbelievable menus with aesthetic designs. You’ll find amazing variety of food that looks great and tastes even better. If nothing else wins you over, the food will. Heaven Restaurant does unquestionably offer one of the best views in Kigali. Since 2008, the restaurant has been striving to combine a high-quality dining experience with a true feel of Rwanda. The restaurant combines an amazing view with a mouth-watering menu. A great place to relax before or after the AMA awards takes place. 
Kigali is one of the cleanest, most orderly cities in Africa. The city’s organization is impeccable and efficient. The road networks, the building structures, the people, all combine to make Kigali one of the best cities to visit in Africa. 

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