Christmas a highly celebrated festival in Nigeria usually known for its special get together time for families, loved ones and friends.  During festive period like this the environment you spend such an occasion really matters as one might not be able to remember vacation, or occasion if the environment where such events took place is nothing to write home about. With just few days counting down towards Christmas, sweet loving families, friend, couples and lovers should be thinking of an unforgettable state, hotel, resort and parks to spend their Christmas with.
Here we will present you with lots and lots of amazing places one can spend his or her Christmas time in Nigeria.

Oguta Lake Resort

The lake of treasure which its popularly referred to, is located in Oguta a brave town just few minutes’ drive to the capital city owerri.
One interesting thing about the lake is the color of the confluence of Oguta Lake which is blue.
Features of the lake are:
A golf course with its standard international holes (18)
The cruise boat services for that fun you have always dreamed of
Recreational Park
Restaurant, a standard accommodation for lodging 

Rojenny Tourist Village

If you find yourself spending your Christmas in a very busy city like Onitsha, Rojemy tourist village is a place you will never forget in a hurry.

Lagos State

Lagos during the Christmas festive period is usually painted in different colors. because of the wonderful nature of the most popular city in Africa you would have no choice than to be in love with the feelings in the air, in Lagos city here are a lot of places to spend your festive period, we have good numbers of Parks aside the rush that is seen in the city’s major parks and markets, Lagos has this alluring effect on everyone. You would love the period because everyone is seen in a celebration mood. There are free concerts you can attend where you would find your favorite artistes perform for you. Places you can visit in Lagos are

Silver bird Galleria

This galleria is Located in Victoria Island, a cool spot for relaxation. It has features like, games spots, cinemas, boutiques, restaurants ice cream center. Sliver bird Galleria is a good spot to spend your festive period with your family.

Lekki Conservation Point

One of the big tourism centers in Nigeria. Lekki point/Conservation Center is filled with fun and good for your kids because it’s educative. 

An E-Centre, Yaba

Yaba E-center is located on the Mainland surrounded by Nigerians top institutions this E-center is a center for the family, it has features like games spots, boutiques cinemas boutiques and a lot more

Palms Shopping Mall

Multipurpose centers were you can shop, watch movies or have any kind of fun, If you do not go with cash, then you might regret it. There is really nothing you cannot buy there. It’s a nice place for anybody.
Amazing Places to Spend Christmas Vacation in Nigeria 1

Oniru Beach

Oniru Beach privately owned beach that has everything you need. Give it a try.

Calabar, Cross River State

You will all agree with me that Calabar is the home of Christmas comfort and luxury. Were you hardly find a dull moment in the city of calabar. Today Calabar is known to be the most celebrated during Christmas.

Tinapa Resort

A business and leisure resort located in the beautiful city of cross river 
Marina Resort and Cercopan
These two amazing places are located in the tourist city of Calabar.
The Marina resort has features like an audio-visual slave trade museum, a cinema, circus ring horse ride, jet rides and boat rides.

Delta state

    Abraka Turf and Country Club
The Abraka turf and country club is situated near the Ethiope River in Abraka, Delta State.
 Abraka Turf and Country Club has an expansive well horses grazing on the lawn that provides visitor to the resort with a great feeling of calmness.
The resort features accommodation and restaurant services for people of different status depending on your pocket, horse riding, canoeing, swimming and even fishing in the crystal clear river.


 Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. Abuja is usually left behind during the festive period, but not anymore. The city has been reawakening with festivals, concerts and events that would keep you and your family happy and excited. I will be listing out some places you can visit that you are going to love. Forget about security as every were tight and there is always this luxury that would make you feel happier during the period. Hope this will guide and help you.

Millennium Park

Located in the so called Maitama district of Abuja which can also be accesse from whatever angle you are coming from weather Nasarawa state ,Niger state Lokoja and Kaduna. The Millennium Park has a feeling of freedom all around; it offers a perfect combination of a nature and arts knowledge.

 Wonderland Amusement Park
An ultra modern park located long IBB Way, Maitama, Abuja is arguably the biggest and well equipped park in the country.
The park offers green gardens for visitor’s recreation and rides as well as an amazing arcade. There are numbers of other restaurants and shops which are also on ground at the park to take care of your needs while at the park. No need to panic as the park can boast of a clinic in case of any eventualities.
You will agree with me that with all these facilities in place, you would be right to call the wonder land a safe haven.

Mbaise, Imo State

Amazing Places to Spend Christmas Vacation in Nigeria 2

Mbaise is a very popular known local government in Imo state seating on a table land, Mbaise is known for its unique people, their  brave men,women and culture.
Places you can visit in Mbaise are: Rehab center located in Apkodim, ahiara declaration center,Itu  etc

Abririba, Abia State

Have you heard of the village called abririba a tiny village turned town, if you are looking for where to celebrate Christmas in the festive period visit abirirba it’s a city filled with fun.

Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt a lively city in
Nigeria that has never disappointed its people during the December festive
period in Port Harcourt we have the masquerade display, concerts and boating