Ancient and Historical List of Best selling Cars

Technology no doubt has gone farther than what we ever imagines, in the world of cars we have Ancient and Historical List of Best selling Cars. This we had to list out to help many in doubt of the kind of brand that was manufactured then.

List of Best Selling Cars | 131 years gone and still counting car manufacturers has built billions of machines – it is estimated that more than 1 billion passenger cars travel the roads of the world today – in thousands of different models.

Top cars sold of all time:

Starting fro the bottom we have:

⇒ Volkswagen (Passat) 1973-present, 23 million sold

As a matter of fact, Passat has been able to record the most selling model for Volkswagen, with over 23 million units so worldwide. It was launched in 1973; however it wasn’t until Ferdinand Piech, who moved from Audi to VW in 1993, got his hands on the fourth-gen Passat that sales begin to soar.

This version of the Passat was lavishly engineered and had Audi underpinnings and refinement (it was based on the A4). As a result Volkswagen was seen as being more ‘upmarket’ and desirable, which helped drive sales of the car – as too did its pretty decent price.

Ancient and Historical List of Best selling CarsAncient and Historical List of Best selling Cars

⇒ Honda Civic 1972-present, 24 million sold

After making strong decision of stooping production in 1972. Honda pulled back after she produces the then Honda civic having made so much profit ++. The courage to go on came after a positive sale of Civic.

The car has been in production ever since and entered its tenth generation in 2016. As a matter of fact, Civic has been Canada’s best-selling car for 19 straight years, 1997-2016.

⇒ Volkswagen Golf 1974-present, 33 million sold

Golf one major car loved by Nigerian Northerners. No doubt, the Golf arrived on European roads in 1974 and American highways in 1975, although it was badged the Rabbit there. Today, over 33-million units have been sold. This works out at 2,120 Golfs being produced and sold every day for four decades. The Golf is so popular because it is really good to drive, offers good value for money and has proven to be very reliable over the decades.

⇒ Ford F-Series 1948-present, 40 million sold

The Ford F-Series of trucks is unstoppable! The F-Series has been the best selling truck in America for 40 consecutive years and America’s best selling vehicle overall for the past 35 years. (Truck yeah!).

It was first introduced in 1948 and has gone on to sell 40 million units. In the 21st century, Ford sells a pickup for every single minute of the day. The first F-Series pick-up trucks were easy to fix, gained a reputation for being reliable workhorses and quickly became essential farm equipment.

Ancient and Historical List of Best selling Cars

⇒ Toyota Corolla 1966-present, 44.1 million sold

Since the launch of the first-generation Corolla in 1966, more than 44 million Corollas have been sold globally. By 1974 the Corolla was already the best selling car in the world.

One of the reasons it sells so well is that it is sold in over 150 countries and regions.

The year 2015. Toyota Corolla set another record, becoming the Number 1 new machine ever to sell more than 1.3 million units worldwide in a calendar year.

Toyota Corolla doesn’t seem to be dwindling down in the nearest future.

So far she has sold 297,471.

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