Apostle Suleman: I regreted sleeping with a married man – Stephanie Otobo

Update: supposed mistress Stephanie Otobo of the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Senior Apostle Johnson Suleman, Stephanie Otobo, on Friday said she regretted fornicating with a married man even when she was sure he was married.

The Benin Born who is based in Canada had a chat with reporters; there she said she blamed Apostle Suleman for misleading her.
The lady insisted that God should be irritated with such pastors who go around misleading young ladies like her instead of winning their souls for God
Furthermore she advised Pastor Lizzy’s wife of the senior pastor of Omega Ministry in her video to read her bible, for better understanding on her husband’s adulterous act instead of shielding the pastor in public.
“My aim of holding this conference according to Stephanie Otobo was to let Nigerian’s know the true face of the Apostle”.
Question Asked by Media Crew
Are you closer to God now?
“Yes I’m closer to God because I have gone to jail and I think that’s my own share of sleeping with a married man. That was not the right thing to do”.
“But I believed him, when a superior person that you know is more closer to God tells you something, I think it is right because he is more closer to God, what do I know?”
What do you aim to achieve by exposing the man of God?
Her reply, “I want the truth to come out. The truth, nothing but the truth to come out also I feel people need to know who he really is”.
“Is he a man of God? Or he is just using women to get…any woman he sees with a good star, he tries to lure them with money to get what they have? I want the truth to come out.”