This is an important message especially to those who do not know the penalties involve in countries their friends, colleague, agents and family members are taking them to, please be warned, only if you love yourself. Yes it is true that real hustling spirit believes that is either you make it or you die trying to. No doubt about that but please do not apply these theories especially when you want to migrate illegally.

Mrs. Abike Dabiri Erewa who is the senior special assistance to the president on foreign affairs cautions Nigerian migrants to shun Libya where capital penalty is been lashed out for illegal migration.
Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, while speaking to news men on Sunday, was not happy saying despite the capital penalty been melted out on illegal migrant (blacks), Nigerians are still adamant as they don’t believe they will ever be a victim of such penalties.
Over 140 migrants and refugees, mainly from Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and Sierra Leone
“I humbly plea again to Nigerian migrants (illegal) to keep away from Libya as penalty for illegal migration to Libya, when caught, is habitually a death sentence.’’
She narrated to a trending video, which is yet to be authenticated, showing images of purported killing of black Nigerian immigrants by Libyan government.
“Whether the purported videos, pictures or tape are yet to be authenticated it still doesn’t remove the fact that Libya has been known for executing black illegal immigrants for years now.

Avoid Libya: Nigerians In Libya Faces Death Penalty 1

“As the Chairman Committee on Diaspora in the House of Representatives in the Seventh Assembly, we intervened in the case of 24 Nigerians about to be killed in Libya.
“The Committee, in alliance with SERAP, an NGO, petitioned the UN, AU, ECOWAS, and Ghadaffi bowed to pressure and freed them.’’
Few months ago, she said the NEMA in alliance with the Nigerian Embassy in Libya, rescued over 2000 Nigerians from Libya by deporting them back.
“The Nigerian embassy in Libya, combined with NEMA has insistently intervened in incidents involving Nigerians in trouble in Libya and by Gods grace we will continue to do so.
She said that Libyans already were trying to fix their government in place.
She appeals to Nigerians thinking of going to Libya to have a rethink and make their work easier.