Big Brother TV Show-Two Fighting

Bisola & Debbie Rise Suspended For Fighting

Bisola and Debbie Rise fighting on the Arena ground

All don’t seems well with Bisola as seen today as she continues to pick on every thing done by Debbie rise
TBoss intervened between the two [Bisola and Debbie rise] Big Brother housemates as both
housemates was ready to face them self

Big Brother Naija: Debie Rise To Be Evicted This Sunday

Day 68 was just as eventful with the six housemates currently in the house; there was a fight, a task of games, the Friday night Arena games and some heat.

Early on in the day while the housemates lazed around getting ready for the day’s task, an unfamiliar song blasted through the PA system and less than a minute into the song, they figured it was former housemate, CocoIce’s latest jam. The housemates were extremely excited to hear her song and they all danced till the song played out. We didn’t see TBoss dance though but we’re not surprised.

One of the most significant moments today was the time Bisola and TBoss bonded. You’re wondering how? TBoss was clearly having a meltdown based on uncertainties and fear of what the future holds for her. We all find ourselves in those sort of moments, don’t we? While she sat and cried, Bisola joined her and began to admonish her to cheer up. But the most interesting part was the words of wisdom and encouragement she dropped too. TBoss clearly felt better after Bisola’s speech and we all did too…
 Bally|Mavis|Debie Rise+TBoss Up For Possible Eviction

Bally and Debie-Rise also found each other in such moment when she shared stories from her past as regards her musical journey and what she looked forward to in the future. Both housemates used to be quite close but since Biggie allowed them to conspire and everyone had chosen his team, the two had grown apart. So this also was good bonding. What do you think?

Meanwhile, today’s task was not as heated as previous days in the Extreme Survivor Week. They received assorted game apparatus from Biggie and were tasked to create their own tournament. They had to come up with their own unique ideas with what was available and the ultimate goal was to impress Biggie. Bally and Bisola set up the stump where the loops would land in the garden, there were calculations and measurements for the appropriate placement of the apparatus.

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The games had barely started when Debie-Rise and Bisola disagreed over the former’s insistence on changing one of the rules of the game. Bisola could not take it so she lashed out and did not stop. It must be that Debie-Rise does not agree with people who whine because she expressly told Bisola to “keep shut”. Then things went out of hand from there. Bisola’s aggressive side took control and it took TBoss literally carrying Debie-Rise off her face for some calm to set in. They called each other “mad”, “lunatic”, etc, and of course, Bisola sent the F-word flying all over the face.

But guess what? In few hours, Debie-Rise did the most graceful thing. She walked up to Bisola and apologised. Bisola was thrown aback but accepted the apology and they both hugged each other for so long amidst laughter and jokes. TBoss sat at the dining table and stared on. Do you think she picked a lesson from Debie’s action?

At the Friday PayPorte Arena Games which is actually the penultimate *tears*, Efe came out tops. The usual winners, Bassey and ThinTallTony were out of the way so Efe who won the first ever Arena games in the house came back to reclaim his throne. He finished in 2.30 seconds with TBoss following behind. When it came down to choosing who he share his reward with, he picked his house bride, Marvis.

There’s only one day before the final eviction show. Who will remain and who will leave?

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