Best Smartphones 2018- upcoming apple iphone in 2018

Best Smartphones 2018- upcoming apple iphone in 2018

Best Smartphones 2018- upcoming apple iphone in 2018: best iphone alternative 2018 phones that look like iphone 7 phones that look like iphone but cheaper
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Best Smartphones 2018- upcoming apple iphone in 2018


You may be asking yourself what is the difference between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus? Well, in years past there wasn’t much difference from the regular iPhone and the Plus version.

But that changed when the 7 series smartphone was introduced.

Top-10 Best

Meanwhile  as we all know  iphone7  is one of the best iphone ever than other the obvious size and weight differences (138g vs 188g), the iPhone 7 has a singular rear camera, where as the 7 Plus has a dual camera setup.

However there are a lot also differences of lovely in the display, where the iPhone 7 has 1334 x 750 pixel resolution, the Plus has Full HD resolution.

However with what was mentioned, both smartphones include some of the same technology including the 3D touch technology and Retina HD display.

As a matter of fact the last bottom line is that when taking pictures and phones with iPhone is your greatest concern, then the iPhone 7 Plus will provide more options and better quality.
Meanwhile the higher & brighter megapixel dual camera setup & 10X zoom capability just can’t matched with the iPhone 7.


However if that is not big deal for you and others, then the iPhone 7 still offers a very capable 12 mega pixel sensor with optical image stability  and the new Quad-LED True Tone flash.

Furthermore as we all know the Apple iPhone7 runs the same iOS and thus offers the same user experience as the 7 plus.

Furthermore as we all know the 7 plus will have a lot of few camera options due to it’s greater capability in that department.

Nevertheless overall, however the Apple iPhone 7 is one of the great smartphone for someone not needing the extra’s of the 7 plus and why it ranks high in the Best Smartphone 2018 list.

Afterward the includes the super and grate fast A10 processor making it the fastest phone on the market.

Nevertheless the iOS provides a grate and the same user interface Apple users love combined with the quality that they expect. Battery life via great and the camera quality-unmatched.


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