Buying cheap airline tickets can help ease a lot of headache for you, like saving enough money to spend on the expected destination, help you shop around as you expected, and above all give you rest of mind.

Below are favorable tips to help you find cheap airline

  • Try to be flexible with your travel dates.

Airfares varies depending on the time of departure,
departure airports, routes, day of the week (for international tickets weekends
are cheaper), time of the year, and upcoming holidays. Tickets tend to be
higher during festive period such as Christmas, summer seasons, New Year (china).

Best Time to Buy International Airline Tickets 1
If you are travelling around the holidays, it is cheaper to fly during the
holiday period though it depends on the country you are flying to, some it’s
cheaper to fly during while some it’s cheaper before.
  • Plan in advance.

Planning ahead at least three months before the set date is
ideal, as it can only give you enough time to build cheap itenary and most preferred
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With my rich experience I have observed that sometimes, departing a few days before or after your desired travel date can save you some a whole lots of money.

Best Time to Buy International Airline Tickets 2

International tickets are also a bit cheaper during the weekends while local ticket are cheaper during the week days as more people tend to travel during weekends. Also, early morning flights for local ticket are more expensive than the rest time while late night flights are usually cheaper, for international flights the prices are base on the availability of seats, exchange rate, route, airline, departure airline (i.e. the state you want to take off from in Nigeria Lagos is far cheaper while Abuja is far safer)

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  • Try alternative routes

I advise you explore this method only if you are a regular traveller do not try this method if you are travelling for the first time reasons are that you might miss your flight or your luggage’s might not be complete at the end of the day.

Trying alternative routes For instance, flying from Lagos to Dulles might cost you NGN 420 with Ethiopia air and usually Ethiopia air will fly you to Addi’s-Ababa before taking you to Dulles while Egypt air could take you from Lagos to Cairo, Cairo to Heathrow and Heathrow to Dulles for NGN 280, Now, yes no doubt its far cheaper, but for new travellers please take note of the transiting time, sometimes it’s usually too short enough to transit while sometimes the stopover time can be like forever before transiting.

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You are free to compare prices and decide what suit you. If
you are about to fly out of the country, try shopping as though you are a visitor
or ask a friends who happens to be in different location to check the exchange rates
for you. The aim is to ensure you are settling for the best deal you can get as
prices may differ.
  • What Time Is Right To Purchase My Ticket?

We have noticed that the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Friday and Sunday are the most expensive days (depending on your destination too).

The best time to book your flight ticket is 50 to 60 days before your flight and up to 90days for extremely busy travel periods.

Best Time to Buy International Airline Tickets 3

Airlines start off loading more affordable seats 90days to the date; this means that if you buy earlier before 90days, you may be buying from the old off loaded stock which makes no different in fare.

Also note that there are destinations that cannot go too low
than what you already got, so don’t go waiting for when such fair will come
down you might just be hit like a tornado from the new fare you will get, just
smile don’t laugh out so that the victim sitting just beside you won’t get

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