Big Brother Nigeria-Marvis & Efe Get a Divorce

Hope You Watched Day 60 of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show?

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Bisola Reactions

Efe made an announcement by rallying the troops to the Lounge area for a new Task Brief that Biggie had sent into the House. It was very straight forward and Biggie encouraged the Housemates to continue with their Tasks of shooting a new viral video for the second stage of their Video Shooting Task.

Big Brother Nigeria-Marvis & Efe Get a Divorce 1

The Brief endeared the Housemates not to relent on their new affinity with the camera, but to seize the opportunity to finish off the new viral video they had earlier conceptualized. With the Brief reading done, the Housemates quickly dispersed to attend to a few personal hygiene issues before the commencement
Big Brother Nigeria-Marvis & Efe Get a Divorce 2
Cue TBoss and Bisola.
The ladies sat back and had a brief chat about Bassey. TBoss whispered to Bisola that Bassey was so shy, that if any girl were to jump on him the way Gifty used to with Bally, he would literally break into tears and run out of the BBNaija House.
Big Brother Nigeria-Marvis & Efe Get a Divorce 3
It seemed both ladies had been monitoring muscle man Bassey’s shy antics for a while now and they officially dubbed him a shy guy, with TBoss adding quickly that that was the reason why she named him “pepper boy” because once a girl gets close to him he will start blinking his eyes rapidly “like someone that has pepper in his eyes”.
Marfe divorce goes viral
Biggie had tasked the Housemates to make a viral video as part of their Task for the week, and they chose to put a spin off on the wedding ceremony from two weeks ago between Efe and Marvis. They had spent the later part of last night (more like the early hours of the morning) reprising their roles in the wedding and mapping out a directional path to the story which they wanted to tell, the divorce between BBNaija’s favourite couple; Efe and Marvis.

Big Brother Nigeria-Marvis & Efe Get a Divorce 4
The story line was set three years after the wedding and the couple had been having marital issues triggered by the groom’s infidelity to his wife. The friends of the wife TBoss and Debie-Rise had helped their friend Marvis bring several counts of infidelity against Efe, in the presence of his dad Bally and Marvis’ mom, Bisola.

As the accusations flooded like a broken levee, Efe desperately tried to defend himself citing his blossoming musical career as the reason why there were so many women and scandals surrounding his every move. He was quickly countered by Marvis’ accusations that she had so much proof to show he had been unfaithful to their marriage adding that she had washed several lipstick stains off his boxer shorts several times.

The unsurmountable accusations led to only one final conclusion, divorce.

Budding creatives

Creating three productions back to back is no easy feat! The Housemates spent Monday recording their debut single with Don Jazzy before spending all day yesterday shooting the music video. Today it was all about the viral video and short film. Understandably, the Housemates were defeated and this afternoon, many of them could be seen catching a nap any chance they got, something TBoss even owned up to in her Diary Session.

In spite of the collective lamentations about fatigue, everyone appeared happy and inspired with Marvis summing up the overall mood quite nicely when she called the filmmaking process, “sweet pain.” “You get tired but you want to do it over and over again.”

They also got the chance to hear the finished record today and everyone was singing Don Jazzy’s praises. TBoss said she got very emotional when she heard the finished track while Bassey described the “minor chord” vocals as “angelic”. Even Biggie commended the background, vocal production calling it “bewildering.” The resident musicians, Efe and Debie-Rise felt immense gratitude for the opportunity to work with a living legend and joyful that the song exceeded everyone’s expectations.

The week’s Task has also inspired many of our Housemates to pursue filmmaking seriously. Bassey said he had a new found respect for the high-pressure work that music video directors did and would love to do it outside the House if he could find someone to mentor him. Being an actress, Bisola agreed with her fellow director adding that this was something she’d always wanted to do but hadn’t gotten the opportunity to until now. She went as far as saying she wouldn’t even mind if they lost their wager because the whole experience had been incredibly enlightening.

Bally directed the viral video but revealed that what he’d loved most was handling lighting because he’d always wanted to be a light and sound technician for major productions. TBoss perhaps was the only Housemate who felt a little left out. She had the most important role in the music video and like her peers, she’d loved the whole experience but she seemed to wish she’d been more involved behind the camera and pointed out that she had her own professional equipment back home. That said, she acknowledged that Bassey and Bisola had more professional experience when it came to cinematography.

Defining themselves

Biggie asked the Housemates to pick a colour, number or letter of the alphabet that they felt best represented them today. In that moment, this seemed like a random and light-hearted question but as they began to unpack their thoughts it became clear there was an important lesson to learn. If the final seven wanted to go home with the N25m they had to not only know themselves, but also manage the perceptions the other Housemates had of them.

TBoss went back and forth between the colours white and black before settling with the latter because she felt it goes well with anything which is also a reflection of the kind of person she is. She noted however that like the colour black she was mysterious and dark in the sense that she was only joyful and positive when she felt like it. She said several Housemates had pointed this out to her.

Bisola picked the colour blue because it reminded her of the sky, the sight of which was connected to so many happy memories of hers. However, like the sky she said she could be calm and serene one moment then stormy and turbulent the next. Debie-Rise, who was absolutely beaming in her Diary Session, said that the colour yellow best encapsulated her personality traits. “Happy”, “warm”, and “loud” enough to be memorable without being “shouty”.

Big Brother Nigeria-Marvis & Efe Get a Divorce 5

Marvis got asked for a number and she went with five because it was her lucky number. So though it was “odd” it always “evened” things out in her life. She laughed hysterically as she further explained that, like the number five, she too was “odd” and her fellow Housemates probably wondered what planet she was from. Bassey went with number four as April was his birth month and Efe settled on number seven arguing that it had been a special and lucky number for him since he was a child.

Big Brother Nigeria-Marvis & Efe Get a Divorce 6

Closing things off was Bally who picked “B” as the letter he was all about. His name and surname both start with the symbol and he said it was his blood-type too. He then singled out words starting with this consonant like “brave” and “bass” calling them good representation of what made him Bally.