Bisola Blast Tboss Calls Her A White Witch For Causing Kemen’s Disqualification

Bisola very furious with T-Boss the Nigerian-Romanian housemate as she gossip behind her back while they were discussing to dig out what could have led to the disqualification of Kemen. 
Thin Tall Tony, Bassey and Bally were on the dining table with her when she made the statement. 
Bisola Blast Tboss Calls Her A White Witch For Causing Kemen's Disqualification 1
Kemen’s Eviction` 
Mean while, more reactions have continued to trail Kemen’s eviction as many are wondering what goal Big Brother and Payport were trying to score .
Viewers believe the punishment was too harsh and unnecessary since the show itself was not all about morality. After all Many terrible things have happened and no one was punished for that.
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