Brazilian Football Confederation left with 9 players.

Chapecoense has been asked to play their next match

no matter the situation on ground by Brazilian F.F, Marco Polo Del Nero, is the head of the Chapecoense Brazilian Football, reportedly told the club’s acting president that the match must go ahead no matter the situation on ground.

Brazilian Football Confederation Left with 9 Players.
Brazilian Football Confederation Left with 9 Players.

So far Chapecoense are just left with only 11 senior players, out of which two players are injured.
Even with all the unbearable pains infuriated on the Chapecoense the national FA has asked that they fulfill there final league for the season, even with the 11 players available what a difficult one.
The Chapecoense  acting president Ivan Tozzi has affirmed that plans has been concluded with the Brazilian Football Confederation to go ahead with the march by fielding their under 20 squad.
Tozzi has assured everyone that they will all do their best to replace and bring back on track injured played
Meanwhile stories going around indicate that Chapecoense goalkeeper retires after ‘change of plan’ saved his life.