Are you or your family members planning a trip to Brazil
from Nigeria? Then you need to be aware of current Brazilian visa requirements
and regulations as these tend to change often. There are different types of
visa which are available for foreigners hoping to enter Brazil from Nigeria and
you will have to make sure that you apply for the correct visa that suited to
the purpose of your trip to Brazil.

Brazilian Visa Requirements 1

Types of Brazilian visas

Brazilian tourist visa:
This type of visa is given to anyone visiting Brazil for
vacation trips, entertainment or to see family and friends in Brazil.

Brazilian transit visa:

Transit visa is issued to Foreigners who are travelling
through Brazil, please be aware that your transiting should not exceed 72hours.
Brazilian student visa:
This type of visa is normally issued to study in Brazil;
Study visas only permits students to study in Brazil for a particular period of
time please note that this is not a permanent visa its only to study in an
Established institution after which you are expected to return back to your

Brazilian business visa:

This type of visa is only granted to foreign nationals to
speak with business associates or go for a, educational, professional, settle
an estate or business convention or conference, or discuss a agreement in

Brazilian Working Visa:

Brazilian working visa generally is issued to work in
Brazil. For you to be eligible for this visa you must have an applicable
Brazilian visa with work rights.
Non permanent Visitors can also be given work visas in

Requirements Needed to Apply for a Brazil Visa

  • Original,
    signed passport that is valid for at least 6 months.
  • Brazilian
    visa Application Form
  • One
    recent passport-size color photograph
  • A
    photocopy of your driver’s license for evidence of residential address
  • Evidence copy
    of departure flight to Brazil flight itinerary travel agency, or copy of your
    airline tickets