Considering the
recession in the country and the low turnout of participant ready to provide
help nearly a week after its return, owners of the Mavrodi Mondial Movement, are
likely to come up with a new strategy.
Recollect that the scheme unfreezed Mavros on January 13, as
against January 14th after one month festive holiday that generated unease
among members.

Information from a reliable source reveals that MMM is taking
into consideration rising up the interest rate to 40% (percent) from the
current 30 per cent rate.
High rank guider, who will not want to disclose his identity
said that MMM was really, worried that,
“The excitement and inflow has swiftly dropped.”
He also said High rank guiders are still debating on the
increase on interest rate, which currently is been enjoyed by some African
Countries like Kenya, which 40% was launched recently.
One of our Correspondences asked: How is MMM is managing the
high number of request for Get Help?
The guider who is based in the eastern part of the country
“The truth is they cannot ask for help if they have not
provided help, all this we are aware of and we were fully prepared.”
“In case you don’t know, many wanted to take their money
during the festive period (Christmas and
New Year) celebrations but could not.
“Some wanted to settle their rent, pay school fees and settle
other bills. And now that the accounts have been unfreezed and ready for
withdrawal, they are demanding for their money investments.
“Presently, the challenge we are facing is that we are
having more outflow than inflow. In other words, those ready to provide help
have drastically reduced by half.
Breaking: MMM Nigeria To Increase Mavros To 40% 1

“The economy too is deteriorating and we realize that it is
only when people have enough that they can provide help.”

Reacting to this question asked
Why is that participants who provided help with over 2
million naira are asked to hold on?
“We are processing, but can’t pay them now, we need money in
the system and that is why the increase in interest is on the cards so some can
decide to leave their funds.
“Its believe that, participants with investments between
N50,000 and N300,000 are being merged for payment daily, you are free to prove
me wrong.”
On the issue of Bitcoin for MMM participants, the guider claimed
that participants will start getting more information on BitCoin when they log
in to MMM office.
“MMM has observed that many Nigerians really don’t know much
about digital currency and to address this, video, audio and text lectures are
being uploaded to enlighten participants.”
Remember that Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, kicked
against investing in MMM with crypto currencies such as OneCoin, Bitcoin and
such other virtual or digital currencies.
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