Breaking News:Military Plane Crashes Into Black Sea Near Sochi Killing 92 People On Board

Military Plane Crashes Into Black Sea Near Sochi Killing 92 People On Board
All Rescue measures like boats are searching for the wreckage of a Russian military plane that crashed near the coastline of Sochi, (is in a Russian city on the Black Sea, which is known as a summer beach resort. Its parks include the palm-filled Arboretum) Russia, on Sunday 25/12/2016.
Information reaching us indicates that all 92 people on board a Russian military plane are believed to have died when their plane crashed into the Black Sea on Sunday (just few minutes ago) among the dead according to the authorities said members of famed military choir bound for Syria to entertain Russian forces there.

Breaking News:Military Plane Crashes Into Black Sea Near Sochi Killing 92 People On Board 1

Tu-154, a plane owned by Russian disappeared from radar 120seconds just after taking off from the town called Sochi.
According to Russia’s official weather forecast agency they said conditions near the airport were “normal and easy,”

Wreckage of the plane, which was carrying all 84 passengers and eight crew members, has been spotted in the black sea, the Russian Defence Ministry said.

As at the time of writing down this information No survivors have been confirmed at the crash scene, the Defense Ministry said.
The reason for the crash is still not clear as investigation is ongoing, although Russian media reports believed that there was a technical failure and not terrorism.
Russian President, Vladimir V. Putin who deployed Russian armed forces in Syria in September 2015, to fight terrorism but basically to prop up President Bashar al-Assad, leader of the lone remaining Russian ally in the region.
While expressing his condolences to relatives of the victims Mr. Putin has declared Monday a national day of mourning.
“First of all, I would like to express my sincere condolences to the families of our citizens, who died today, as a result of an aviation catastrophe over the Black Sea this morning,” Mr. Putin said in St. Petersburg.
Investigation will commence soon as Mr. Putin has ordered Prime Minister Dmitri A. Medvedev to establish a state commission.
The Defence Ministry said so far 10 bodies has been recovered and that search efforts is still ongoing.

Founded in the Soviet era, the Alexandrov Ensemble, which had performed in Syria earlier this year, is the official band of the Russian armed forces. It consists of an orchestra, choir and a dance ensemble and is one of the two Russian orchestras allowed to use the title “Red Army Choir.”

Aleksandr V. Aleksandrov,was the founder of  ensemblehe was a  Soviet composer and author of the Russian anthem.
Yevgeny his grandson told Meduza, a Russian news website, that “the best members of the ensemble died.”

“All the best soloists, the whole choir,” he said. “Everything will collapse now, the best ones are gone.”

The Tu-154 was designed in the late 1960s, was one of the most used civilian aircraft in Russian aviation.
The plane that crashed on Sunday was made in 1983, and was operated by an experienced pilot, the Defence Ministry said.

Russian forces have been the major tool in helping Damascus government regain its historic initiative, with the final rebels expelled from Aleppo on Thursday.

The Russian military has incurred minor casualties throughout the deployment, but it has experienced a series of knocks, recently On Monday, the Russian ambassador to Turkey was killed openly at an art exhibit in Ankara, with the killer shouting “don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria!”

A Brief History About The Crashed Plane 

The Russian Tupolev Tu-154 was designed in the mid 1960 and built by Tupolev Tu 154 was a three engine range narrow body airline in those days the airline almost all passengers flown by the then Aeroflot and its subsidiaries it remained the functional in the domestic-route for Russia and the then Soviet states until around the 2000s before it was exported to over 16 foreign airlines where they started using it as means of transport for head of states.
Tu-154 was in January 2010 said to have
retired after officially been in use for 40years with the last schedule flight
Aeroflot flight 736 Ekaterinburg to Moscow on December 2009. overall fatal incidents
involving Tu-154 are now 39 which were either caused by its over usage
condition or by its weakness due to its age.for the benefit of my readers the  TU-154 first flew on October !968

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