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Cash Token Nigeria – How it all started…In the summer of 2015, I said to my pioneer team at FisshBone & LESTR, Terungwa, Simi and Damilola that a new era of CONSUMER GRATIFICATION was near… we knew we had to create the World’s MOST CONSEQUENTIAL CUSTOMER LOYALTY & CELEBRATORY COMMODITY.

We commissioned a Patronage Optimization Research to find ‘what the most potent emotional disposition of an average consumer is, that will best trigger sustainable action or patronage of any good or service’.

The findings concluded that, “What the average consumer REALLY wants, is an OPPORTUNITY for LIFE CHANGING CASH REWARD at every point of ACTION or PATRONAGE.” Hence the birth of the ground-breaking CASHTOKEN!

Cash Token Nigeria – The CashToken ushers in a new age of HYPER CONSUMER CENTRICITY; where reward for action or patronage is an incontrovertible Life-Changing Opportunity. Welcome to the CashToken Epiphany

The CashToken. Created by Crazy People… Crazy for Consumer Value!!


To be the Foremost Life-Changing Reward Company in Africa.


Our people are talented and innovative; together we will create a sustainable circle of prosperity for all stakeholders through Life-Changing Rewards, Innovative Processes, Business Models and Technology.


To revolutionize the customer reward space by delivering the most consequential customer loyalty and celebration product.


CeLD is World’s first Cash Reward as-a-Service Company (CRaaS).

CeLD has established a robust technology and business model that heralds a new era of HYPER CONSUMER CENTRICITY.

We are pioneering a Performance based system designed to Optimize Customer Loyalty Investments for Businesses, Celebratory GIft VAlue Optimization and Public Emotional Equity for Government.

The Platform runs on a groundbreaking product called The Cashtoken. The CashToken connects every Patronage or Reward in the nation’s economy to an opportunity for Life-Changing Cash Rewards every Friday night at the National CashToken Draws monitored by Alexander Forbes and audited by Deloitte.

Each CashToken offers a Cash Win opportunity of up to one Hundred Million Naira (N100 million) and Guaranteed Cash Contribution for General and Health Insurance for the beneficiaries.

The CeLD Technology & Business Model is proprietary and protected by patents and copyrights.

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This is an electronic reward and celebratory gift commodity, which costs only N30.00 and it is aimed at making every patronage or celebratory gift a life-changing cash opportunity. is one of the CeLD CashToken Tripod Celebration platforms where businesses, agents and customers
create, interact and maintain CashToken accounts.

The product was unveiled in Lagos on Thursday, April 19, 2018, in partnership with a ‘Cash Reward as-a-Service firm, CeLD Innovations Limited

The Research: CeLD Commissioned a Patronage Optimization Research to find “The most potent emotional
disposition of a consumer, which will best trigger increased, repeat and sustainable patronage of goods and services.

Cash Token Nigeria

CeLD Cash Token Login, Registration, Review –

The Result: We found that ‘What the average consumer really wants is an opportunity for Life-Changing Cash
reward at every point of patronage’

The Product: The CashToken is a proprietary electronic reward commodity that offers opportunity for Life-Changing
Cash Reward and guaranteed cash for insurance and pension to customers of any business.

The Company: CeLD Innovations Limited is Africa’s 1st Cash Reward as-a-Service Company. CeLD has established
a Unified Cash Reward Platform that run on a groundbreaking Product called ‘The CashToken’.

The Cost: One CashToken costs only N30.00k (Thirty Naira)
One CashToken Can Change the life of your customer or beneficiary!!!

List of CeLD Cash Token Gift & Reward Channels

  1. The CashToken Gift and Reward Shop ( and mobile app
  2. The CashToken Corporate Rewards Platform ( ) and mobile app
  3. CashToken Gift & Redemption USSD Code *7111#
  5. eCommerce Platforms and Online Gift Shops
  6. All Nigerian Banks USSD
  7. All POS Terminals

CeLD Cash Token Reward is divided into three categories:


As an Individual you can buy Cashtokens to celebrate your friends and loved ones on their special occasions. You can also redeem loyalty points gifted you by service providers.

How CeLD Cash Token Works for Individual

Each Gifted CashToken Qualifies you, the customer for up to N100m win and cash usable only for insurance (Partnership with UIC Innovations Limited).

  1. Merchants gift the Consumer Electronic Lucky Dip Tokens to consumers who patronize their businesses.
  2. Merchants decide how many cash tokens to give per amount spent in shop(Celebration Threshold)
  3. Each Gifted CeLD Token Qualifies you, the customer for up to N100m win and cash usable only for insurance (Partnership with UIC Innovations Limited).
  4. Patronise businesses that offer Cash Tokens as reward.
    It will change your life!
  5. If the business isn’t yet offering cash tokens,
    refer them to


As a business, the Cash Token provides you a medium to offer to your Customers reward for their loyalty and a life changing opportunity.

CeLD Cash Token Login, Registration, Review –

You can set purchase thresholds, Buy and Gift Cash Tokens or Gift CashToken points to your Customers at the click of a button.

How CeLD Cash Token Works for Business

  1. Sign Up – Create your account as CeLD Customer Celebration Partner on the CeLD platform.
  2. Set your celebration threshold – The customer Celebration threshold is the minimum purchase amount expected from Consumer to trigger a Cash Token reward e.g. 1 Token on every =N=500.00 spent.
  3. Display the cash token sign – Display the cash token sign and communicate that your business celebrates consumers and changes their lives every day.
  4. Reward your customers, when they buy from your store – Be as generous with cash token gifting as much as your business can.

How CeLD Cash Token Works for Strategic Sales Partners (SSP)

  1. Create an account on the CeLD Platform.
    Activate your SSP role.
  2. Get and share your SSP ID with prospective merchants
    or service providers.
  3. Inform the CeLD sales department
    of your prospects for documentation.
  4. Sign up a merchant or service provider.
  5. Receive commission each time your merchant or
    service provider buys cash tokens.

How to Register for CeLD Cash Token Reward Program

  1. Firstly, having gone through the information above
  2. Visit the Official Website of Cash Token Via
  3. Also, Click on Create Account
  4. Similarly, Select your desired Account Type
  5. Fill other information and click “Submit Request”

CeLD Cash Token Login, Registration, Review –

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