Chapecoense hired an aircraft which was operated by LaMia, LaMia purchase its plane from a company called Cityjet 

the questions people want to know is what airline is behind this ill
fated flight that has caused a lot of people in the world talking
,especially concerned footballer . The plane crashed on the night of
Monday, taking the lives of over 71 people who boarded the flight
including chapecoense players.

Chapecoense  Colombia plane crash –history about the airline 

The unbelievable incident happened just
when the LaMia plane was getting closer to Medellin, where the team is
expected to play the first leg of Copa Sudamericana final against
Atletico National.


What and Who is LaMia?

LaMia could simply be
known as L=Línea  A=Aérea  M=Mérida  I=Internacional de Avíacíon country
home Venezuelan airline which is at the moment operating outside
Bolivia. This  company does not flow with a scheduled service still a
very popular chartered airline in America, South America to be precise
this plane has been used by so many football teams to travel for various
games in the world

What year was the plane founded?

airline an unstable Biography. Founded in the year 2009, the company
over the years has tried to launch another Jet which it had on agreement
with Swift air but since then LaMia airline had failed to secure its
own air operators certificate. The crashed airline was the only
operational craft operating since two of the aircraft were been
refurbished . LaMia planes was sold to them by the Irish airline in

Airline owned by who?

Miguel Alejandro Quiroga Murakami 
and Gustavo Vargas Gamboa are the bona fide owners of LaMia
unfortunately one of them Miguel Alejandro Quiroga Murakami was the said
pilot who piloted the crashed plane .the pilot has been confirmed
dead. It has been reported that Mr Murakami’s decision to jettison
fuel before it crashed, thuse preventing a fire, helped save the lives
of six passengers, who are currently recovering in hospital. However,
there is also speculation that the plane may have run out of fuel.