Coded Recruitment Or Replacement Going On In NIS ?

  Coded Replacement Going On?

Please, don’t quote
Karisas Blog wrong. Nigeria Immigration Service is doing a coded replacement. Looks
like they did one in August and another one is still going since December last year.

I was in my office when i over heard some group of friends
talking about it, i also heard one saying five cadet officers (GL 0 reported
with their appointment letters from service headquarters Abuja for documentation.
so I decided to press harder to get more information I then called, the service
headquarters to ascertain the authenticity of their claims, I was told that
they were no recruitment’s going on at first but because I heard from groups of
people I felt knew what they were saying I decided to look for a coded senior
officer  who now told me that what they
are secretly doing is a coded replacement for the last badge of recruitment in
Some have already started their induction and might be going
to training school Kano by anytime this January. Don’t know if there is a one
month seminar in Lagos like I heard.
I also learnt from
the senior Officer that it looks like (please the officer is not sure) a sum of
money might be deposited before that person will be considered for replacement.
Again, this
recruitment is coded; I believe its being done from Abuja but not from state
Coded Recruitment Or Replacement Going On In NIS ? 1


Do not give anybody money to help you especially when you
are not sure of the information you have rather have an agreement with such
person that you either pay when you receive your appointment letter or you will
pay from you salary when you start being paid or better still if you have your
connection make use of it after all that’s why you have that connection in the
Please this does not mean that karisatravelblog work with
Immigration service or have anything to do with Immigration service and as such
do not contact me for this reason as i am only writing to get clarification from
my readers thank you.
I ask again is it recruitment or replacement going on in NIS
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