Acquiring China Business visa for business trip is fast and easy, getting approved to fly to china for business simply means, as a Nigerian you must have been granted China visa. The big question is how can one get a company invitation letter from china before applying for a business visa?

More On How to get a Chinese Company Invitation Letter


Below we have fully packed details on how to go about obtaining a China visa, but please note applicant may not be able to succeed alone, basically because documents obtained for submission may not easily be accessible by all applicant, therefore we advice that you contact us for more on acquiring china invitation letter and processing other documents.

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Chinese Business Visa Request

Because you are with an ordinary Nigerian Passport You will need to present the following documents:

An Invitation Letter from Company you intend to visia or verification letter. Please be informed that the invitation has to be both from the company and government of China. (Applicant for M visa or F visa.). Applicants may ask their inviters to approach local Foreign Affair Office to apply for them.

On the other hand, applicants for L Visa i.e those who intend to go to China as tourists must submit Invitation Letter for Tourist Group issued by Duly Authorized Tourism Unit.

Applicants might require to submit previous passports, previous visas of China and other countries and records of international travels. Don’t panic if you’re just a first time applicant.

China Business Visa

For New Applicant: Applicant trying to get a Chinese visa for the first time, and a shareholder of a company?

The following Supporting document must be available

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. other registration documents
  3. Memorandum and Article of Association of the company or other registration documents
  4. Bank statement of the company
  5. Certificate of title of property of the company and the applicant
  6. Previous Business Documents, such as Bills of Lading, Invoice, Packing list, tec.
  7. Bank Statement of the applicant.
  8. The documents which you think might support your application

New Applicant and An Employee of a Company

The following documents will support China Business Visa application:
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Article of Association of the company
  • Personal Bank Statement of the applicant which includes the monthly salary and/or commission
  • Certificate of title of property of the applicant
  • Diploma or certificate of degree
  • Certificate of professional designation
  • The documents which you think might support your application.

Ordinary Nigerian passport holders must apply for Chinese visa in Nigeria.

unless they have long-term or permanent residences, work or study in a third country.


For applicants for X Visa those who intends to study in China, the following documents will support your application:

  • Documents of financial sponsorship
  • Documents about the relation between the sponsor and the applicant
  • If the sponsor is a shareholder of a company: Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Article of Association of the company,bank statement of the company and the sponsor.
  • Transcripts and certificates of all schools and programs.
  • Certificate of results of all examinations.
  • The documents which you think might support your application .

Visa To China More Info

All other passport holders can apply for Chinese visas at Abuja or Lagos China Visa Application Service Centre. 

Address of the Center: Church Gate Towers.

From Monday  to Friday

For submission of applications:


For fee payment and collection of visa:   


China And Other Related Visa Issues

Diplomatic and official passports holders applying for Chinese visa  and applicants applying for Hong Kong/Macao Special Administrative Region visas /entry permits submit their applications directly to the Chinese Consulate General in Lagos.


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