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Latest Update: Bank Routing Number

As a matter of fact Living the United States, there is no how you can avoid using bank routing number.

Furthermore to setup your automatic payment in the United States, you need to enter the Bank Routing Number.

Lastly the routing number is a 9-digit code found in the lower left part of your bank check and it is also called transit numbers or RTN. Bank Routing Number

Above all to make your online payment or by phone, you will need to enter your Bank Routing Number.

Similarly most of the times, we come across this hurdle when making payment for monthly bills, filling the form for auctions and direct deposit.

Also Knowing this Wells Fargo Routing Number will help you make instant payments without a hurdle. COMPLETE DETAILS ON BANK ROUTING NUMBERS | DEBIT CARD

The table below is the list of Bank Routing Number based on your location and region where the account was opened. It is in accordance with states.

Note: Routing number is different from account number and check number. When you look out at the button of your check, you will notice some series of numbers.

The first group is your Bank Routing Number, the second your account number and the last set your check number.

Bank Routing Number

Below are some major banks in the US and their Bank Routing Number

  • Wells Fargo Bank Routing Number

  • US bank Bank Routing Number

  • USAA Bank Routing Number

Furthermore when you take a good look at your regular check, the first list of numbers – usually 9 digits or so in the lower part of the check is your bank’s routing number.

Most of the times, it is 9 digits number or code.

I will like to put it straight here that the symbols and characters surrounding this set of numbers are not part of it.

Again, routing number of banks may vary due to location. It is wise to look out for your bank’s routing number for your particular location.


Immediately after your routing number, the next number that follows the symbols and character are your account number.

Some banks alternate the position of the account number with that of the Check number.

But if you want to determine your account number, check out for the one with the longer list of digits. An account number is always a unique number meant for your bank alone.

That is why it can only be found in your bank check note or when you sign into your account online.

Check Number

Lastly check number. Most of the times, it is the last list of digits in the lower left-hand side of your check. It is the shortest amongst the list of digits. It helps you check and track which check you are writing. COMPLETE DETAILS ON BANK ROUTING NUMBERS | DEBIT CARD

If you are still having any issue as per Bank Routing Number, you can contact the bank by phone or online. COMPLETE DETAILS ON BANK ROUTING NUMBERS | DEBIT CARD