Complete Guidelines on How to Apply for Visa Lottery @

Complete Guidelines on How to Apply for Visa Lottery @ This guide is a complete guide on Visa Lottery Application Form 2018/2019 and How to Apply Online –

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As a matter of fact, this guide will throw more light on everything about VISA lottery application form and guide 2018. below is what we will cover in our guidelines.

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Complete Guidelines on How to Apply for Visa Lottery @

In this article we have processes to learn how to apply, when to apply, and best state to apply from.

Furthermore, this article basically explains ways to apply for Visa lottery as a Nigerian.

Amongst other things, it would point out visas of all sorts issued by countries around the world.

Complete Visa Lottery Application Form

Complete Guidelines on How to Apply for Visa Lottery @

Complete Guidelines on How to Apply for Visa Lottery @

Similarly, if you have been seeking a way to apply for Australian, Canadian and United States, Malaysian and many other countries Visa Lotteries, this article would address it all.

A lot of Nigerians, citizens of other African countries and generally countries with developing economies are eager and have to need to get Visas to developed countries of the world. Countries like the U.S, Canada, Australia and Malaysia.

Below are regular questions we receive

This is to enable them to secure a much better living and working conditions and future for themselves and their families outside the shores of Africa.

Nigerians and residents of these developing countries certainly understand the reasons for this.

The economic hardship, poor governance, poor health provision services, poor and epileptic power supply and inhuman rights that’s sweeping across and prevalent in most African countries.

This and plenty of area unit most reasons there has been progressively high person within the yearly VISA program.

Areas of Concentrations includes:

1. Eligibility for Visa Lottery Application.

First and foremost, you have to be sure about the Country policy (Country you want to apply for lottery) some countries aren’t allowed to use sure enough VISA Lotteries.

Nevertheless, once your country is allowed rather like Nigeria then even though you’re unwed, Married, Divorced, Widowed, or lawfully Separated you’ll be able to still apply.

2. Types of Visa Application Forms.

The following classes of visas are issued by most countries:

  • Study visa (purpose of schooling)
  • Skilled employee visa (hand work e.g hair plating, mechanics, carpenters etc)
  • Tourist visa (summer visit, holiday, sight seeing etc)
  • Visitor visa (family visitations, friends visit, graduation visit etc)
  • Business Visa (strictly business, must get invitation letter from company inviting, also your company must be registered etc)
  • Farm Worker visa (agricultural purposes, majorly this type of visa is handled by the federal government)
  • Pilgrimage visa (Holy land visit, prayer purpose,also this type of visa is negotiated by both countries involved)
  • Diplomat visa (Lawmaker, Senior advocate, popular icon in a country, well know and have high level of intergrity)
  • Transit visa, Etc. (transit visa is needed when traveling through a country that you are not permitted to go through)

3. United States Visa Lottery Application Guide.

The North American country is a diverse and interest country and a most of the people resident in the country along with her voters enjoy arguable the best standards of living in the whole world. Doctors , Nurses, Engineers, Lawyers and different technicians and professional earn higher salaries.

Before you’ll be able to submit an application which is successful  for U.S Visa Lotteries, you wish is of essence to ensure and crosscheck if your country allowed to participate that year on the official website

Complete Guidelines on How to Apply for Visa Lottery @

You can also contact the U.S.A embassy in Nigeria to get answers to your questions.

4. Canadian Visa Lottery Application.

Please note that there is no such process or program as the Canadian visa lottery. plenty of websites are advertising fake information concerning visa lottery by the Canadian government. However, Lajos Arendas, the Canadian Deputy diplomat in Nigeria has said the subsequent:

‘This is fake info. In fact, the U.S. won’t to have, and maybe still do, however North American nation doesn’t have a visa lottery programme’.

As so much as i do know, it’s ne’er existed in Canada. At-least, never in my 24-year career. It’s like some individuals are spreading false information, and these may well be an organized crime gang which are into fraud.

The one issue you may tell the general public is that you simply contacted Maine and that I firmly explicit that there’s no such issue as a Canadian Visa Lottery,’’ he said.

This is enough proof that there is no such thing as the Canadian Visa lottery.

5. Australia Visa Lottery Portal.

Australia is nation with so much opportunities. of recent, there has been high demand for professional employees thanks to the ever increasing numbers of companies setting up their firms in Australia. Australia has create an enabling environment which is hospitable for foreigners with the need to come back over and do  legitimate business within the country.

Of recent we’ve seen immigration upsurge from the various of European countries, even Americans have been migrating to Australia for a much better pay and living condition.

If you actually need to travel outside your country and earn hard cash then the best country to suggest to you is Australia . To seek out additional concerning the Australian VISA program visit her official web site or

Required Information.


– DATE OF BIRTH – Day, Month, Year;

– GENDER – Male or Female;


– BIRTH COUNTRY – The name of the country that is currently in use for the place where you were born;


– ENTRY PHOTOGRAPH(S) – All photographs used must be recent, family or group photos are not allowed;



– PHONE NUMBER –Put an active phone line;

– E-MAIL ADDRESS –Put an active email address;

– WHAT IS THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF EDUCATION YOU HAVE ACHIEVED, AS OF TODAY? It is important to statevwhich one of the following represents your own highest level of educational achievement:

  • (1) Primary school only,
  • (2) High school, no degree,
  • (3) High school degree,
  • (4) Vocational school,
  • (5) Some university courses,
  • (6) University degree,
  • (7) Some graduate level courses, (8) Master degree,
  • (9) Some doctorate level courses, and
  • (10) Doctorate degree

– MARITAL STATUS – Unmarried, Married, Divorced, Widowed, or Legally Separated

– NUMBER OF CHILDREN– Total number of children.

– SPOUSE INFORMATION – Name, D.O.B, Gender, City/Town of Birth, Country of Birth, and Photograph.

– CHILDREN INFORMATION – Name, D.O.B, Gender, City/Town of Birth, Country of Birth, and Photograph.

Complete Guidelines on How to Apply for Visa Lottery @

Care must be taken to follow the instructions so as not to invalidate your application.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Nigeria always eligible for these Visa Lottery Programs?

Currently Nigeria is eligible but note that this might change at any point so it is advisable to visit the country of interest’s immigration website. to check eligibility anytime you wish to apply.

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