Complete Reasons Why Migrating to Canada Might Not Worth It

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Complete Reasons Why Migrating to Canada Might Not Worth It

Complete Reasons Why Migrating to Canada Might Not Worth It

Is it worth it to migrate to Canada?

What a BIG Question. But Of course it actually depends on what your circumstances are. If you are living in an economically weak, unstable country it might be.

In all honesty, it probably is not worth it for as many people as it used to be. There isn’t a lot of immigration to Canada from the United Kingdom and West and Central Europe. These are prosperous countries with a lot of amenities. There isn’t much interest from Japan.

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Rough Canada

Having lived in Europe, I would say that Canada is in a certain sense a “rougher”, more difficult country to live in than some European ones. Except for a few pockets the climate is very harsh. The cities are not well-designed and no Canadian city offers public transit the way that Vienna, Paris or London would. The suburban sprawl that has for decades been the chosen form of growth for Canadian cities has become increasingly problematic. Commuting had become harder and harder. Cultural facilities are not as abundant as in the United Kingdom or Europe and the distance to get to them can be impossibly large.

Can You Afford to Live Here?

  • Canada is really facing a serious problem in terms of some housing markets.
  • Housing costs in Vancouver and Toronto have run wild.
  • It has become terribly hard to live in either metropolitan area without a lot of personal resources or a highly-paid job.

Some prospective immigrants (Or for that matter people in Canada) seriously misinterpret statistics about the labour market. Statistics Canada issued its quarterly job vacancy report today, in the form of a release in the Statistics Canada Daily. Statistics Canada is the Government of Canada’s central statistical agency. They publish many free articles in the Daily but the articles remain their property.

Complete Reasons Why Migrating to Canada Might Not Worth It

On the face of it this article seems very encouraging. It says that:

“The number of job vacancies totalled 460,000 in the second quarter, up 67,000 (+17.2%) from the second quarter of 2016. The overall job vacancy rate rose 0.4 percentage points to 2.9%. Increases in job vacancies were broadly based across provinces and industrial sectors.”

However, please look at Table 2.

Except for Computer and information systems professionals the ten occupations with the most vacancies are very poorly paid. You could not survive in Metro Toronto or Metro Vancouver on these wages. Part of the reason that there are plenty of vacancies is that people don’t want these jobs.

In other Answers I have explained about niche opportunities in smaller cities and towns. These are some of the best opportunities for skilled immigrants to really gain from moving to Canada. If you want to move to Metro Vancouver or Metro Toronto you should feel very confident that you are going to get a high-end job there.

Debt and the Canadian

This article is from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and is their property:

Canadians’ debt-to-disposable income load climbs in Q2

Household debt in Canada is at an all-time high.

This article is from Maclean’s magazine which is generally considered to be the top news magazine in English-speaking Canada. I am providing the link for information purposes only:

Drowning in debt is the new normal in Canada –

Many Canadians are swamped in credit card debt. A lot of people seem to live with it and take it for granted. However I couldn’t sleep at night if I had some of these problems.

Unsolved Social Problems

I am not suggesting that the United Kingdom and Europe do not have social injustice but Canada has for decades failed to resolve a particular issue, the cruelty inflicted on aboriginal Canadians and their resultant poverty.

Canada has a charity called Canadian Feed the Children. This is their website:

Canada | Improving First Nation Nutrition | Food Security Programs

  • The website gives some information about poverty and food insecurity among Canada’s aboriginal peoples, particularly the children. It is very high.
  • A new immigrant to Canada could argue that they don’t have the time to think about such things.
  • However, over time many immigrants want to feel proud of the country they have come to.
  • They want to be able to boast about that country to the folks back home.
  • However you couldn’t possibly say that Canada is a country without serious social injustice.
  • You couldn’t honestly say that there aren’t a lot of very poor people.

A Rocky Road Ahead?

The basis of Canada’s prosperity is a friendly trading relationship with the United States.

This has been the case ever since the USA replaced the United Kingdom as the foreign country most dominant in Canada, many decades ago. Currently, because of the Trump administration’s interest in cancelling the North American Free Trade Agreement, those happy trading arrangements are in peril.

Personally I think Canada will come out of this difficult period.

Canada is the USA’s best customer. We don’t have the issues with American workers that Mexico, with its very low, ultracompetitive wages levels does.

The Americans will still want a good trading relationship with us.

However there could be an economic roller coaster ride until that relationship is sorted out.

So, Am I Saying It’s Not Worth It to Come to Canada?


A wise immigrant and their family can finesse some of these challenges. In addition to careful research about where in Canada your income-earning ability will fit local housing costs, there are other things you can do to make Canada a much better prospect. In addition to research I would say that restraint and self-discipline are part of the key to worthwhile immigration here.

For example:

  1. What is the most modest accommodation you and any accompanying family can tolerate? If you have three kids could you manage in a two bedroom apartment?
  2. -When you get to Canada you will see all these wonderful things to buy. Don’t buy them. What is the bare minimum of things you believe you can manage with in Canada? Do you need laptops for each child, expensive cell phones, wide screen, high definition smart TV’s, boutique clothes? Can you manage without a winter holiday in the tropics?
  3. -Would it embarrass you to live without a car? Since Canadian public transit is not as good as in some other countries have you looked for housing opportunities near a subway line or bus route that can get you to work?
  4. -Do you need the excitement of the big city or could you manage in a smaller place with fewer amenities but more reasonable housing costs?
  5. -An immigrant to Canada has many things to do. However can you commit yourself to watching a half hour of Canadian news, especially economic news, each day? Can you spare a few minutes to learn about Canada’s aboriginal peoples and the many challenges facing them?

Take this approach and you may have good savings, not dreadful credit card debt. You can put money aside for an economic rainy day. Canada has good training facilities. You might be able to afford a course.

If you take care of the above immigrating to Canada may still be well worth it.

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