Create Long Lasting Inverter Made Locally and Enjoy 24/7 Power

With the bad power outage in Nigeria, it has now become imperative for we to look for alternative means to keep our self happy. This is why i have taken my time to share this article to my loyal readers. Create Long Lasting Inverter Made Locally and Enjoy 24/7 Power – How To Create A Locally Made Inverter With Ease.

Creating yours is very easy, there are different ways that u can entertain yourself when u are at home.

All you need is Gotv and an LCD with a very low wattage or a PC monitor that has AV input ,a 650va UPS, a 12v 40ah full-river valve regulated battery and a smart charger.

40AH battery brand new at oshodi for 6,000 to 7500 its equivalent to deep cycle batteries and I bought my 20AMP smart battery charger at idioro mushin for 7,000, with this item i have listed above one can easily stay connected to your favorite programs on TV or watch movies on your LCD via external HDD, if you already have an LCD TV, just check the watts, if its above 100, then u need to get a 15-inch monitor that has AV input II bought mine 5,000 at computer village, the smart charger charges the battery,the UPS stands as the power, my 15-inch monitor is 34-watts while the blue ray player is just 16-watts.

Enjoy 24/7 Power

As a matter of fact, When there is no electricity ,my 40 AH battery can power my 15-inch LCD and Gotv or blue ray player for full 9-hrs.

Note: It only powers my Gotv, bluray and 15-inch LCD, imagine if I have 2 of that battery?

That means I will never miss my favorite programs.