Date of Birth and Name on National ID – How to Change Your National Identity Card Portal; (NIMC)

Date of Birth and Name on National ID – How to Change Your National Identity Card Portal; (NIMC).

Since the announcement National Identity Card Fees through National Identity Management Commission,(NIMC) that renewal of the National Identity Card will value 5 thousand naira (N5,000) and different adjustments charges payable thru Remita.

National identity card prices

Most of NIMC body of workers have taken the gain to extort from most Nigeria that has one trouble or the different associated to the correction of information of birth, correction of Names, and addresses e.t.c

NIMC: How To Check If Your National Identity Card Is Ready From Your Phone.

It is Illegal for any NIMC body of workers to acquire any cash that is no longer approved via NIMC management.

on this issue, we have a tendency to enlighten you the proper National Identity Card Fees you are supposed to pay in case you want to right any facts on your National Identity Card database.

What is National Identity Card and It’s Uses?

Date of Birth and Name on National ID - How to Change Your National Identity Card Portal; (NIMC)

The National Electronic Identity Card (e-ID card) is a chip-based card with a couple of functions. It serves as skill of identification of all Nigeria, in time period of verification in banks, Travels files and monetary institutions.

Upon completion of enrollment National Identification Number (NIN) will be generated to you which is special and one of a kind from others during the country

All the records about you like demographic data, fingerprints, head-to-shoulder facial picture, different biometric statistics and a digital signature – used all collectively information and provide you database as felony Nigeria citizens

National Identity Database make it highly handy to affirm and confirm your identity when you interact in

Is a National Identity Card Free?

There have been the distinct response from Nigerians in opposition to NIMC over rate connected to National ID card, to the extent that most are asking how lots does it value to get National ID in Nigeria or is National Identity Card Free

National identification card

Date of Birth and Name on National ID - How to Change Your National Identity Card Portal; (NIMC)

The fundamental truths and actuality are that The National Identification Number (NIN) is FREE! The National e-ID Card is FREE! I am very certain that the most important cause for these most requested questions is due that most NIMC team of workers are asking from the enrollers for the duration of registration.

Download Full List of Fees >>

NIMC Service/Product Fee More Details
NIN – 1st Issuance (Adults) FREE View >>
NIN – 1st Issuance (Minors) FREE View >>
Modifications (Adults) N500 per updatable field
(note Date of Birth not included in this group and carries its own fee of N15,000)
View >>
Modifications (Minors) N500 per updatable field
(note Date of Birth not included in this group and carries its own fee of N15,000)
View >>
Re-Issuance of NIN Slips N500 in the case of loss, damage or theft
N500 per data field in the case of change/modification of record
View >>
Death Enrolment Not yet activated View >>
e-ID Card Re-Issuance & Activation N5,000 View >>
NIMC Verification Service (NVS) Negotiable and based on the access level requested View >>
NIMC Verification Service API Currently free access for approved, registered developers View >>

Full List of Fees


How to Make Treasury Single Account (TSA) Payments Using Remita.

Date of Birth and Name on National ID - How to Change Your National Identity Card Portal; (NIMC)

Payments to Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in Nigeria are currently made directly into the Treasury Single Account (TSA).

Step 1:

Visit to start the payment process.

Step 2:

Click on the option ‘Pay Bills‘.

Step 3:

Who do You want to Pay – type in ‘National Identity Management Commission‘.
Name of Service/Purpose – choose ‘[the service you want to pay for]‘.
Amount to Pay – will be set based on your choice in the step above.
Payer’s Name – type your full name.
Payer’s Phone – type your phone number.
Tick the ‘I am not a robot’ reCAPTCHA checkbox and click on the stated selection of images before clicking on the ‘Verify’ button.

Step 4:

Click on the ‘Submit’ icon to ͞proceed to payment.
A new page which is the invoice will come up which will display your RRR – Remita Retrieval Reference at the top of the page.
Print the invoice and take note of your RRR.

Step 5:

Choose any payment method convenient for you.
Option 1: ‘Card’.
Option 2: ‘Bank Branch’.
Option 3: ‘USSD’.
Option 4: ‘Internet Banking’
Option 5: ‘Wallet’.
Proceed to complete your transaction by clicking on the “Pay…’, ‘Print Invoice’ or ‘Continue’ button as suited to your preferred method.

it’s very vital for you to recognize that all these cash are unlawful and no longer from NIMC management, the solely approved National Identity Card Fees are to be via Remita and no longer from hand to hands.

It is Safer and recommends to do Online Pre-enrolment your self the usage of Personal Computers, Internet-enabled telephones and different devices, then heading to a NIMC enrolment centre close to you to get you to slip.

National Identity Card Fees.

NIMC administration has particular country wide identification playing cards prices payable immediately to their account via the Remita portal and now not from hand to hands.

Therefore it is Illegal for any NIMC personnel to accumulate cash from you if they are determined the responsible document to the NIMC administration according.

It’s very essential to notice that you have to meet these prerequisites earlier than you will eligible to made corrections or any corrections:

  • Modification of facts of an enrolled Citizen
  • Legal Resident of age sixteen years and ABOVE.

These are the approved, 2020 non-refundable National Identity Card costs Payment, Should be made Via Remita see fee small print below

  1. Date of Birth Modification N15,000
  2. Change of Name Modification: N500
  3. Change of telephone range N500
  4. Also, Change of tackle N500
  5. Correction of name: N500

Any Extortion extra than that need to be mentioned in accordance to the NIMC administration for criminal actions.

The Federal Government thru the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has directed that all SIM playing cards should blocked, if it’s now not linked with NIN.

So what are nevertheless ready for? Why don’t you comply with the Easy steps to hyperlink your NIN to your MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile sim card to keep away from been disconnected.

What Can Be Corrected On National Identity Card?

Perhaps if locate out that there have been errors in facts you enter in the course of enrollment manner of your National identification playing cards and there is want for you to make adjustments or corrections, you have to apprehend that it’s now not each area that is entitled to correction or modification.

Thus, some fields in the records are updatable and can’t be modified or corrected.

Updateable Fields Approved by NIMC

  • Names
  • Birth Date (carries a different fee, see above)
  • Addresses, addresses
  • Telephone Number
  • Birthplace-State
  • LGA Place of Birth
  • Country-Place of Birth (if different from Nigeria)
  • State-Place of Origin
  • Origin Place-Town, Village
  • LGA Place of Origin
  • Father’s NIN NIN is
  • Father’s Town, Origin Village
  • State of Origin for Father
  • Dad’s LGA of Origin
  • ‘Mothers’ Nin
  • Mother’s Town, Village of Origin
  • Mother’s State of Origin
  • Mother’s LGA of Origin.

NIMC Approved Non-Updatable Fields

  • Sex
  • NIN
  • Territory of Registration
  • LGA of Registration
  • Enlistment Center
  • Ward
  • Surveying Unit
  • Date of Death
  • Date of Death Type
  • Following Number
  • Date of Registration
  • Beginning Center
  • Stacking Center
  • ID Card Number
  • Candidate’s FingerPrint (Finger 1 to 10)
  • Candidate’s Finger Print Reason (Finger 1 to 10)
  • Candidate’s Signature.

Obligatory Requirements for Data Modification Or Corrections.

Amendment of information on your public character data set required appropriate application since you admittance to information is exceptionally delicate, it may need to compose a proper letter mentioning that you the character that needs to refresh on previously existing data on public personality dashboard.

Coming up next are the method required you need to handle the revision of information fields on the public personality fields

  1. Candidates apply for adjustment or revisions of data on the public ID card data sets are to introduce the first duplicate of the NIN slip gave to them after the main enrollment.
  2. Candidates need to pay through Remita the specific measure of charges connected the alteration he/she expects to complete, for example in the event of amendment of date of birth, he/she need to pay a non-refundable amount of #15,000.
  3. At that point Printout Retrieval Reference (RRR) Number given at the bank after installment or a printout expressing the installment subtleties if the installment was made on the web.
  4. Lastly, Candidates need to compose an Application Letter expressing the explanation behind adjustment of information fields, he/she wishes to alter, appropriately endorsed by the candidates and upheld report to back the proposed changes to be submitted in like manner.

NIMC Supporting Documents for Data Modification Or Corrections

  • Change of Name
  • Sworn Affidavit
  • Paper Extract
  • Marriage Certificate (in instances of marriage)
  • Change of Address
  • Service Bill
  • Tenure Agreement
  • Bank Statement
  • Local area pioneer Attestation
  • Telephone Number because of misfortune or mechanical harm
  • Police Report
  • Level of Education
  • Authentication acquired
  • Change of Occupation
  • Offer Letter.

Instructions to Correct/Modify National Identity Card Personal Data For Adults (18years and above)

Change or adjustment of old information on the National ID Card data set need to follow this cycle beneath;

  1. Candidates need to find any NIMC enlistment focuses closes to them and strolls into the enrolment Center with a supporting and required reports (records like Printout Retrieval Reference (RRR), National Identity Card Modification Application letter and other significant archives referenced previously).
  2. Endless supply of the candidate of the necessary records will be given an information change structure to fill.
  3. Candidates Information’s contribution on the information change structures will be basically analyzed and confirmed by a NIMC Official to crosscheck to stay away from any structures botches and decide whether the data filled on the structure against the supporting documentation gave.
  4. Note: it’s enthusiastically suggested that candidates who are ignorant should go to the middle alongside an individual who can do the structure filling for him/her.
  5. NIMC official will at that point continue to include the Applicant’s pre-filled data on the NIMC Software.
  6. The enlistment official will request that the candidate twofold check and confirm his/her data utilizing the candidate screen to check for blunders.
  7. After candidates have appropriately inspected their data and happy with his/her inputted segment data, the biometrics of the candidate will be caught in this manner.
  8. In the wake of finishing the adjustment of data’s, a Transaction ID Slip will be given to the candidate as proof of the exchange.
  9. In the event that conceivable the previous NIN Slip will be held by the enrolment official if the changed information will influence subtleties on the NIN slip.
  10. It’s uncommon that the candidates will be the NIN in a split second because of the speed of the organization, a candidate will be mentioned to return for the NIN inside 2-5 working days or more
  11. After certain days of candidate’s handling new National Identification Number Slip having a similar NIN will be given to them.

Brief National Identity Card

On the off chance that any case adjustment or revisions influences the data on the candidate’s card, the accompanying interaction will occur:

  1. A card substitution structure will be filled and the old National ID card recovered.
  2. The new/adjusted National e-ID Card will be given to the candidate inside three (3) months after re-issuance of NIN slip

State of Getting Your Data Fields Changed Fast

Psyche you to make the interaction of change and amendment of your National character card information fields quicker, here are some the unmistakable conditions underneath

  1. Installment should be made before alteration initiates.
  2. Accessibility of organization.
  3. Accessibility of NIMS Backend.
  4. Accessibility of force.
  5. Installment Process

The most effective method to Pay Through Remita For NIMC (National ID Card)

As said before you need to pay non-refundable public personality card charges for any adjustment you plan to make on you National Identity Card information handle every rectification will cost you #500 expect a remedy of information of birth which is #15,000.

The following are bit by bit cycle to follow while paying for change of name on public id card, by means of Remita: To begin the installment interaction,

  • To begin the installment cycle, go to
  • Click the alternative, “Pay a Federal Government Agency”.
  • Another page will spring up. Adhere to the directions and information the subtleties beneath.
  1. Name of MDA – Input “Public Identity Management Commission”.
  2. Name of Service/Purpose – click “others”.
  3. Sum to Pay – Input the sum you wish to pay.
  4. Pay Description – Input “Installment for (administration and item no doubt about it)”.
  5. Payer’s Full Name – Input your complete name.
  • A symbol springs up, click on it and continue to installment. A receipt page will come up, showing your Remita Retrieval Reference, (RRR), at the highest point of the page. Print, (you can copy it on the off chance that you wish), the receipt and give close consideration, to your RRR.
  • You would now be able to continue, to pick the installment strategy, helpful for you.
  1. Pay Now with Internet Banking.
  2. Pay at Bank Branch.
  3. Pay Now with Remita.
  4. Pay Now with Cards or Wallet

Public Identity Card Renewal Fees

The inquiry sprung up on brain of most Nigeria resident is that; should a National ID card terminated in any case? Since a great deal of Nigerians are yet to get their lasting National Identity Cards when records have demonstrated that about 75% of Nigerians are utilizing transitory National ID Card for their different ID and confirmation purposes in banks, Travel archives, benefits reports, and identification reports.

For example, one Nigeria questions the public character card charges for recharging “following 5 years I enlisted for National ID Card, I got it almost 5 months back. … Now I’ll most likely use it 2 months and it would have terminated.”

Public character card reestablishment expenses

The National ID card reestablishment news from NIMC unveiled through their authority Twitter handle on National Identity Card expenses on restoration, just as charging the amount of N5, 000 for card substitution got individuals ignorant.

As indicated by the tweet by the Commission, candidates who wish to reestablish their card can visit any NIMC office with the necessary reports to get their card.

” The prerequisites incorporate a composed application with joined confirmation of installment receipt made through remita, bank employee, NIN slip and submit it at our office.

” Card restoration is N3000 when your card lapses and card substitution is N5000 for lost or taken cards.” NIMC tweeted.

Different adjustments charges are as per the following Service Fee: N500 per field (aside from Change of Date of Birth which is N15,000 for handling your solicitation just – non-refundable). Payable through the NIMC into the TSA (CBN).

Clarifying the new improvement in the tweet, NIMC said the center was to guarantee that all Nigerians are enlisted.

“Our fundamental center is guaranteeing that all Nigerians are enlisted and given their NIN. Your NIN is the main badge of your enlistment.”

Additionally, Nigerians can confirm their National Identity Number and check National Identity Card status checker through the NIMC confirmation entrance.”

“Your NIN can be validated through our confirmation entry without your card” NIMC tweeted close by the entryway interface.

“You will be given your cards when supports license, Please hold on for us and Your NIN is created promptly for you upon effective fruition of your enlistment.”

Wrapping NIMC National Identity Card Fees 2021 Updated

Having realized the lawful charges approved by the NIMC the executives for the alteration, right of any of your National ID card information fields.

It’s vital to guarantee that your reports any NIMC staff requesting cash beside the National Identity Card Fees.

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