Deportation in Italy:40 Nigerians Deported for Immigration Offenses

Deportation in Italy:40 Nigerians 

Deported for Immigration Offenses

Italy Deports 40 Nigerians for Immigration Offenses

Deportation in Italy

News just reaching us reveals that the Italian government on Tuesday deported over 40 Nigerians for immigration and criminal offenses.

The deportees arrived at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos at about 8:25pm.

They were transported by an Air Meridiana aircraft with registration number E1-FNU.
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Deportation in Italy:40 Nigerians Deported for Immigration Offenses 1

An immigration source said 39 of the deportees were returned because of immigration offenses while one, a male was returned because of his involvement in drug related matters.

He said the returnee with drug-related of fence will be handed over to the police for further prosecution.

The deportation is coming few days after the repatriation of 23 Nigerians for similar offenses, from the United Kingdom.

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