Differences In Classes Of Service On A Plane

For the benefits of my readers who wants to know the classes available on a plane and the differences in fare, here are  break down of all the classes available on both domestic  and an international flight, I always advice my readers to check your self before making your final decision on the class of seat to book, because some seat are more expensive than others, also below the classes of seats are tips you need to know before you board a plane
Airline generally is built with three travel classes namely:

First Class:

These seats are located in the front section of the cabin; its seats are very comfortable. First class provides all the benefits of business class it also offers upgraded meal service and personalized attention both at the airport and on board the plane. Money is good right?
First class fares are usually the most expensive.

Differences In Classes Of Service On A Plane 1

Business Class:

 These seats are located in the immediate middle section of the cabin. In Business class you enjoy the extra leg room, Broader seats, depending on the plane in some planes you can even lay flat, you enjoy an upgraded meal service as a business class customer you can be given a priority check in/boarding. 
Business class Fares are usually expensive. Better things na money kill am right?
Differences In Classes Of Service On A Plane 2

Premium Economy Class:

This class of seats is usually seen on an international flight. In Premium economy, passengers are offered special benefits just a little above the standard economy class, these include the extra leg room, broader seats, seat recline.
Differences In Classes Of Service On A Plane 3

Economy Class:

This class is also known as coach class or travel class; economy seats are generally located in the cabin area of the plane and its seat is extended all the way to the rear of the plane. Off course these seats are always the lowest of all the classes on the plane. Passengers are given the basic necessities like basic accommodation commonly purchased by leisure travelers, but the truth is that economy seating can be quite cramped.
Differences In Classes Of Service On A Plane 4
In most domestic airlines there are no provision for first class what we do have as first class for most domestic airlines are Business class though treatment giving to first class on international flight will also be given to those on business seat but on domestic kind of service.

Travel Guide

  • Keep your mouth shut: Always keep your mouth shut to stay safe the journey is far
  • Bring an internet ready device: its usually
    advised, that if you are on a long journey ,that you come along with
    your internet gadgets. to make the journey a worthwhile
  • Pack less: Traveling with just one bag is the ideal thing to do it makes you confident of your self but should in case you have reason for packing more then have it at the back of your mind that if you exceed the maximum kilogram giving to you as you entitlement you will be asked to pay for you extras which might not sound nice to you.
  • When with kids always try to join ques  with the ‘suits its always faster 
  • DVD player for the kids: complete the fun for your kids sometimes it might be boring for your kids that’s why its advised that you come with what can keep them busy
  • Pick the vegetarian option on the plane menu: if you can make this choice then you only need to relax as you will always be served first that’s the trick involve, but mind you if your choice of meal is not that of the vegetarian then please don’t go for it because you might not like the thirst of what might be presented to you.
  • Bring ear plugs: its usually advised to come with your ear piece to lessen the noise during take off and landing, with this you can afford to sleep calmly even with the noisy plane.
  • Bring an extra top on board: the reason for this is in case you are cold you could help your self by adding one extra top on you because blankets on planes are usually thin and cant hold cold

    • Pre-book an airport lounge:This service attract fee.
    • Small first aid kit: When on a journey especially with kids its ideal to take along with you a small first aid kit

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