EFCC SCUML Registration Portal – www.scuml.org 2018 Login Portal.

This guide is basically to guide Company registered owners on how to register online via SPECIAL CONTROL UNIT AGAINST MONEY LAUNDERING. As you read further. you will get to understand the pros and cons in registering for SCUML. Mind you after registration you must attend a one hour tutor/training before you will be issued a certificate.

EFCC SCUML Registration Portal -  www.scuml.org 2018 Login Portal.

EFCC SCUML Registration Portal – www.scuml.org 2018 Login Portal.

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Below this article you will learn how to apply for Scuml Online Registration 2018.

How to Apply for Scuml Online Registration 2018 through the portal

Firstly, Visit SCUML website via http://www.scuml.org

Also, click on the tab “Register online”.

In addition, fill the registration Form and attach the required documents listed below:


  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Article of Association (MEMART)
  • Form CAC2 and CAC7
  • Evidence of tax Registration


  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Form BN-O1 (Proprietor’s Particulars)
  • Tax Evidence of tax Registration

Note: Professional companies are to also provide professional certificates e.g. Law firms, Accounting firms, Audit firms, etc.


  • Certificate of Incorporation/Registration
  • Incorporation of Trustees OR CAC7
  • Constitution OR Memorandum & Article of Association


  • Certificate of Registration from State
  • Constitution
  • Copies of valid Identification of at least 3 executive members


  • Evidence of Registration with National Planning Commission (NPC)
  • Constitution
  • Organisational Profile.

Furthermore, Scan and Upload all required documents using PDF, Attachment must not exceed 2mb or 2000kb by size.

Requirement for Scuml Online Registration 2018 Via the Portal

  1. Incorporation/Registration/Business Name*
  2. CAC Type
    RC No or BN Number*
  3. Date of Company’s Registration*
  4. TIN Number*
  5. Company’s Trade Name
  6. DNFI Category*
  7. Brief Description of Business*
  8. Head Office Address (Physical Address)*
  9. State*
  10. Phone Number*
  11. JTB No (Taxpayer ID No)
  12. Branch Office(s) Address (Physical Address)
  13. Website/URL
  14. First, Director’s Name*
  15. Second, Director’s Name (2)
  16. Third, Director’s Name (3)

Important Information

Fill form  carefully with all required documents and click the submit button on the portal

Similarly, Rejected registrations will now be deleted so you can reapply

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EFCC SCUML Registration Portal – www.scuml.org 2018 Login Portal. For more info start commenting.