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eHarmony Login Online | Login to eHarmony Account Login from Windows and Android | eharmony login phone number | eHarmony Login Online | how to cancel eharmony

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Latest eHarmony Login Online | Login to eHarmony Account Login from Windows and Android

eHarmony is a dating website which seeks to match single men with compatible single women for long-lasting relationships.

Website formed 22nd of August 2000 & office is located Los Angeles, California.

Furthermore the website has thousands of members in about 150 nations of the world.

To gain access to eHarmony you have to log in to the website. Once you have logged in, you have access to a lot of options where you can choose a match from.

Furthermore the database provides a collection of HD quality images and also gives you a profile of these persons.

Similarly the website can be accessed either from a PC or mobile device that is operating on the windows OS. To log in to eHarmony the following steps will guide you:

Steps for accessing your eHarmony Account | eHarmony login:

To login to your eHarmony account, first, go to the eHarmony login page.

Once there at the left-hand side of the page, the words “Members Login here” is boldly written. There you will see a form with so many fields

Type in your email address in the first field

In the second field type in your password

After you have filled the respective fields then click on the “login” bar to complete your login.

Latest eHarmony Login Account using Facebook account.

You can also use Facebook to access the eHarmony page.

As a matter of fact all you need do is click on the button that allows you to use Facebook to login which is located at the upper part of the eHarmony members’ access page.

When you have clicked the button on the access page, the next thing is to click the OK button at the bottom right corner of the window that pops up. When you do this you will have automatically agreed to the terms and services of the app and site and also the terms of finding matches.

Doing an eHarmony login from your mobile device | login to eHarmony account for Android and iOS mobiles

To use mobile to log in, first, you will have to download the eHarmony mobile app for iPhone, Android, iPad, windows phone through the website

Once you finish installing the app, it will appear on the home screen of your mobile device. To login just click on the app logo found on your screen to open and tap on the login bar to log in.

When you tap the login bar some boxes will appear requesting for your email address and password, just type it in and click the login bar once more to gain access to the website.

In some cases, there might be a failure to download the app due to issues of compatibility.

Nevertheless don’t fret; you can also login to the dating site through your web browser.

Lastly to login using your web browser all you need to do is to open the link  The link will take you to the eHarmony login page where you can type in your email and password and finally click “login”.