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The founder, Alfred Lewis Jones was a shipping magnate who originally had a monopoly on importing silver currency into West Africa through his Elder Dempster shipping company.


According to its founder, without a bank economies were reduced to using barter and a wide variety of mediums of exchange, leading to unsound practices. A bank could provide a secure home for deposits and also a uniform medium of exchange. The bank primarily financed foreign trade, but did little lending to indigenous Nigerians, who had little to offer as collateral for loans.


With its computerized system, First Bank now presents its internet banking for customers to reduce the fear of where to withdraw especially if an ATM center or bank is not at reach. With the internet/mobile banking system, you can pay bills, make online purchases, check your account balance, buy airtime, transfer money and do a whole lot more banking transactions, all from your internet enabled mobile phone, or computer.

First Bank Internet & Mobile Banking

These following transactions are carried out for different categories through users:

  1. Firsteconnect: with Firsteconnect, merchants and retailers who own ecommerce websites can accept payments for goods and services purchased on their websites.
  2. Internet banking platforms allows customers perform transaction such as funds transfer, bills payment etc. via internet anytime anywhere.
  3. PayPal is an online payment that offers simplified and secure payment without the need to reveal financial information or card details on a website.
  4. The Telebank Service enables cardholders to access their credit card account using a personal computer or equivalent device.

First Bank Internet Transfer Guide

  1. Visit First bank website.
  2. Click on the internet/mobile banking link.
  3. A drop down menu will appear where you can fill in your details. Make sure you fill in your data the way it was done when you were opening the account.
  4. Furthermore fill in your account number and bank verification number (BVN).
  5. Supply a username and password that you can use whenever you wish to access the internet banking through your PC.
  6. First bank offers corporate and individual accounts for different categories of users. Your gender, age and occupation will be required.
  7. Afterward print slip before you start filling and once you are done with that you should submit it to the nearest First bank branch for approval.
  8. Lastly Approval takes only 48 hours after which you can begin enjoying internet banking on your phone and at your convenience. You may decide to change your password if you think it’s no longer secure or to make it more personal.


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