Getting a smartphone is one thing and getting a  reliable one is different thing entirely, This is why we have decided to come up with First Thing To Consider When Purchasing Smartphone in this Guidelines we will show you what to Consider Before Buying a Smartphone.

Nevertheless getting a fairly used phone at cheaper rates than the brand new ones could be possible, but the truth remains that the things you consider before making decision to buy any which one really matters a lot. This is because smartphones do not take much time to start malfunctioning.

Below we have First Thing To Consider When Purchasing Smartphone I strongly believe that this will put you in good light to avoid unnecessary mistakes next time.

First Thing To Consider When Purchasing Smartphone

Phone Price:

Phone price matters a lot, buying a new brand phone sometimes have a fixed price, so we advice to check for the original price before buying a brand new phone lesser than the original price. Once price of phone is lesser than the original price then the smartphone becomes questionable.

Same thing goes for a fairly used phones, their are features in such phones that might no longer be updated or productive leading to serious malfunctions.


The durability of a new phone depends on the type of phone you are going for, also bear in mind that some phones only last for one or two years so choose a phone that will guarantee usage for a while.


You would need phones that have large memory storage if you have files to use to files. For example if you are a student or a company worker, you will need to save files for reference or future use so you need to check especially for phones with PDF applications where you could download and save files into.

Screen Resolution

Some phone screen are large and power consuming while others are lower but may not give the required result. It’d be better to go for resolutions like LED with their super bright screen light for clear views.


If you would love to access the web then you should go for phones that won’t give you issues in connection regardless of the network you’d be using.

Camera and Sound quality

You could want to snap selfies on occasions with friends and loved ones then you sound for phones with good camera quality that possess TFT(thin film transistor), UFB (ultrafine and bright), OLED (organic light emitting diode). if you’re a music lover then I’m sure you’d want to have a high sound quality so you should go for phones with enhanced volume control and DSP system enabled.

Radioactive emission rate

The radioactive rates of some phones are very high and to this, can cause serious damage to the brain during the spontaneous emission of the radioactive elements contained in it.

 Data subscription

If you are going for smartphones then you should know the subscription rate so you don’t subscribe today and tomorrow you can’t because of high subscription. There are phones you could use a thousand Naira to subscribe depending on your data bundle.

Battery life

Some phone’s battery do not last for an hour before going off and you need to power them like three times a day or you may not even use the phone for 30mins before the battery dies. So you need to consider the battery capability before buying the phone.

Finally, we have come to the end of this post First Thing To Consider When Purchasing Smartphone for mor update on this and more kindly drop your comment below.