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The United State of America is a place in the world where the pleasures and feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness never stop. Washington is a state located in the Pacific North-west having terrain spanning.
It is known as the largest city known for its interesting tech industry, with vibrant music scene and known for its coffeehouses. Going to New York City?
New York City occasionally called the “Big Apple” is located at the mouth of a river called the Hudson River. Getting a United State of America Visa is a sure way to learn some of the best multi cultural vibes, social thrills and great great attractions that bounds in this sparkling part of the world. With the United State Visa Application Assistance service. karisastravel can make your next trip to Washington or New York stress free for you.

Visa requirements for visiting the USA include

  • E-passport valid for at least six months .
  • Guaranty Trust Bank Visa payment evidence.
  • DS/160 confirmation slip.
  • A print out of Appointment confirmation.
  • Two sized photographs (5X5) American passport.
  • Booked Hotel reservation
  • A letter of Invitation only were necessary
  • Bank statement for six months .
  • Letter of introduction from your place of work.
  • Your salary slips at least six month
  • A Family photograph and marriage certificate

Applications and Requirements: You Need To Get Your United State America Visa 1

Materials Needed to Apply for a United States Visa

  • Valid passport
  • Travel document
  • A letter of invitation from a person /sponsor who lives in the USA.
  • Evidence of good health
  • Evidence that will bring you back to your home country
  • Evidence of leaving the US at the required end of visit.
  • Evidence of enough funds for the duration of your USA vacation.
  • A visitor visa/temporary resident visa, base on your citizenship status
  • Completed Medical exam