Hotmail Registration Sign in | Hotmail Desktop/Mobile Sign in Microsoft Account Sign Up.

Hotmail Registration Sign in | Hotmail mail Sign Up Page

Hotmail Registration Sign in | Hotmail Desktop/Mobile Sign in Microsoft Account Sign Up. Getting account or sign up for Hotmail via mobile or desktop. Here, is how to setup your Hotmail email registration.

Furthermore, when you hear either of these terms (Hotmail Email Login Page and ) they are both talking about the very same thing which is accessing your Hotmail email account using the direct link as it will
redirect you to

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Below, I’ll be giving you a first-hand tutorial on how to use the Hotmail mail sign in form, the Hotmail registration page and how to go about any issues you may come across on

Experiences they say is the greatest master and direction is better than speed.  Trust me; I’ve been on for the past 8years when I was still in my tender age back then in school. Yes, that was when I opened my first Hotmail email account and I’m still using the very same account till date not minding the various security challenges and changes that went through over the years.



Hotmail registration sign up: Well, for starters, we live in a global village where everything can be done within the comfort of your home and one of them is Hotmail registration create a new account– as such; you need an online presence to keep up the pace of the world today.

  1. To Keep up to date with your loved ones
  2. To Keep to date with current events and happenings across the globe
  3. As a student or a professional, you can use your email address to send your
    project works to your lecturers, fellow students, and supervisors, colleague, and client.
  4. You can use your Hotmail Email account to store your data (e.g Images, PDF, Videos,
    Music and Files). Also, you can send and receive this file via email using your attachment option while sending your emails
  5. To subscribe to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  6. Lastly, You can also use for all online transactions and deals.

Hotmail Registration Sign in | Hotmail Desktop/Mobile Sign in Microsoft Account Sign Up.

These are few among the numbers of things you can do with your account and email
account after your Hotmail Registration.

In this article, I will be using these two terms interchangeably; (Hotmail’s Homepage) and (Hotmail’s Login Page) Setting up your Hotmail mail account is much easier than you thought and I’ll be unveiling that to you in the cause of this tutorials. I will like to still inform you here that this webmail giant also has its Hotmail mobile site for mobile users.


Please follow these easy steps I’ve outlined below for your Hotmail registration for a new account:

Hotmail Registration Sign inHotmail Registration Sign in | Hotmail Desktop/Mobile Sign in Microsoft Account Sign Up.

Hotmail registration page

STEP A: First and foremost, visit the Hotmail Registration Page found at HTTP:// .com/ (once it loads, it will look like the image I displayed above)

STEP B: Allow the Hotmail mail to load and by the right-hand side, you will see these details to complete Hotmail registration form:

  1. Email Address, Password, Sign in
  2. “Sign up Now” Hotmail Email Account

STEP C: Click on the “Sign up Now” and allow the new tab to load

STEP D: Once the tab loads, the Hotmail Registration page opens and you will see electronic forms to fill which you are to fill online.

Hotmail Registration Sign in | Hotmail Desktop/Mobile Sign in Microsoft Account Sign Up.

STEP E: Fill in the details of your form as stipulated by Hotmail; choose your desired email address, your name,
password, date of birth and other details required like the security code from the catcher.

STEP F: Once you fill in the details correctly, accept the terms of service of Hotmail and once you Hotmail Inc accept your email request and approve it immediately, you receive a Welcome message.


Congratulations: Now, you have a new email address and a new Hotmail registration id. I know you are new with the
whole Hotmail mail login account stuff. Here are quick things you need to know.

–  Signing to your Hotmail Email Accounts can be done directly via

–   To get the latest news and updates on your Hotmail platform, visit your homepage at In this article, hope I was able to show you more Hotmail Registration setups and how
to better use the Hotmail Registration Page without stress?

Thanks very much for your patience in reading this tutorial to the end.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial? Drop any issues you might face on the Hotmail Registration Page below and I will try answering them. Thanks.

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