How to change your Verizon cell phone number

Show Me How to change your Verizon cell phone number – Verizon, American veteran internet giant the largest U.S. wireless communications company.

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Today, we are going to take you through the easy way you can use to change your Verizon cell phone number. There are two options that you can use to getting this done;Show Me How to change your Verizon cell phone number

change your Verizon cell phone number

  1. Firstly you can call Verizon customers service while you have them do it while you are on the phone with them whether you are on Verizon Wireless Plans or not.
  2. Secondly you can go to Verizon store, service representative or sales representative will help you change that over.

So far for me, the easiest one is the first one; calling Verizon yourself and having them do that for you.

To complete the process, take up your Verizon phone and; dial “600” + send.

Verizon cell phone number

Furthermore this will call Verizon for you after you have connected with the Verizon representative all you need to do is to let the representative know you want to change your Verizon cell Phone number and they will get that done for you. A lot of ve providers do charge a few to change your cell phone number for you.

The charges range anywhere from 5 to $50 dollars depending on what is I your contract with Verizon. If you have in your contract that you are going to be charged anytime you change your Verizon cell phone number, then you don’t have the ability to change your phone number, so it is up to them to use their discretion to know how you going to be charged.

Above all Hope you found the information helpful?