How To Find Cheap Flights

Most travelers are always confuse when it’s time to fly, they are either confuse on where to depart from or the type of flight to use, most of my clients will always call me to look for the cheapest flight, not minding the state they will depart from or even the layover time. 

ARE YOU looking for ways to find cheap flights?

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Karisas Travel will guide you through……
Don’t mind those friends of yours who will always tell you “There’s really no big secret to it, you just need to know how to be strategic, know where to look and know how to get them”. 
Cheap flights are fantastic because you can travel to your desired destination without breaking the bank or missing out on adventures.
Check out Best tips below on How to get cheapest airline Ticket.
  • Early Birds
You know that famous phrase that says ‘the early bird catches the worms’? Well when you relate it to travel, it becomes a reality. Booking well ahead of time, sometimes 2 to 3 months before your intended travel date can save you a whole lots of money. So, decide on a travel date and book it because there is a high chance that you could get it for a cheap rate, always make you date flexible.
  • Use Air Miles
If you’re a frequent flier, you can reap the benefits of accumulating plenty of air miles. Each time you fly, you automatically earn points which could ultimately give you great discounts on flights. So make sure you sign up to programs offered by the airline you regularly fly with and enjoy low fares.
  • Check Social Media
Yes it true that some airlines have been known to announce and offer exclusive deals on social media. These deals only last for a few hours though and most often than not the cheapest offer has a date that might not favour you, though you still have to be quick in checking on the offer while it last. Karisastravel offers cheap flights on both local and international ticket, we also give discount when you contact us(check our contact us page to get to us). 
  • Be Flexible With Your Dates
Staying at your intended destination a few days extra could work out to be cheaper. It all depends on how flexible you are. Also, taking being completely flexible will make it easier for you to actually enjoy special deals and promotions.
  • Opt For Connecting Flights or a Longer Layover
Connecting flights are longer and take you more time to get to your desired destination. However, they could save you a lot of money and sometimes, if you have a long layover, you could explore the country that you stopover in while you wait for your connecting flight. Layovers also give you and your kids if you’re travelling with them the opportunity to take a break. Long direct flights can be boring and stressful for young children, so a chance to let off some steam and play around would be good for them. Mind you direct flight are always expensive
  • Embrace the Off-Peak Season
Airlines lower flight fares during the months when destinations receive the lowest amount of visitors. For example: a lot of Nigerians like visiting the US and Europe during the summer months. This tends to be in the middle of peak season which means that flight fares soar around this time. You can find cheaper flights if you look for dates during spring and autumn.
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