How To Get More Traffic For Your Blog three ways to explode your traffic 2018 2019

How To Get More Traffic For Your Blog three ways to explode your traffic 2018 2019: how do i get more readers for my blog how to increase blog traffic wordpress how to increase blog traffic for free
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How To Get More Traffic For Your Blog three ways to explode your traffic 2018 2019

Meanwhile as we all know it is probably the one main thing that will make or break a blog. You can have the best WordPress theme, the best content, the best topic and the best whatever but if you do not have traffic, you have nothing.

Howsoever as we all know is blog traffic the cure to every blogger’s problem? Probably not “every problem” but traffic is such an important part of the equation that if you don’t have traffic, it’s useless to worry about anything else.

Moreover as we all know i often get people emailing me asking me about how to get subscribers, or how come they are not making any money yet.

My question would be; How much traffic are you getting?

However as we all know that simple number, whatever “size” it may be; is the tell-all sign of how a blog and the blogger behind it is doing.

Nevertheless as we all know also, sorry to tell you that; getting traffic is not easy either; that is why it’s a make or break for every blog. As they always say; if it’s easy everybody will do it.

Today we are looking at how to get more traffic for your blog.

Furthermore as we all know please note the “more” there, and I do believe that whatever size you are right now, you could always do with more. Facebook has over a billion hits a month, but I am willing to bet that they have a team trying to “get more” traffic on there.

it’s that important.

However as we all know you do not need a billion readers a month , although that would be spectacular I know ,but you do need some, (then we can improve to get more).

Which is what this post is about today.

Meanwhile as we all know following, I am going to be using as a “case study”, my review blog; WWW.KARISASATRAVEL.COM

Howsoever as we all know at the time of writing this, the blog is 4 months old and it’s already getting some traffic and sales which are great.

Nevertheless as we all know i will be showing you how I got that traffic, how you can get traffic like that and also some other methods you could explore to bring in more readers every day, ever week and every month.


Moreover as we all know before I go on, I’d like to point out that I am by no means a “traffic expert” nor do I claim to be.

Obviously, there are other blogs who have much more traffic than I do and have probably done it in less time than me.

However, I will be sharing with you what has worked for me (with proof) and tell you the exact step by step method on how to get more traffic to your blog each and every month.

Let’s get there

How To Get More Traffic For Your Blog

How To Get More Traffic For Your Blog three ways to explode your traffic 2018 2019


Ranking Well In Search Engines

For the most part, I only focused on getting traffic from social media and completely disregarded the mighty Google and the other search engines.

Although social media is a great way to get traffic (and we’ll talk about that as well), it’s not the only option for you. And, it has been proven that search traffic is of much higher value traffic than social media.

Why I do not know, but from my experience, my results and what most top traffic experts agree, search engine traffic is usually much more engaged with your content and it has a much better chance at converting, thus leading into money.


So yeah; do not disregard search engine traffic. It might be the best type of traffic you can get.

But how do you do it?

Again I am not claiming to be an SEO (search engine optimization) expert, I don’t even think such an “expert” exists actually, but again; I do get results.

What you need to do to learn how to rank well in the search engines (which means having your content appear on page 1 ) is this:

Learn how keywords work:

Keywords are the mini-phrases and questions people type into Google when they are making a search for information.

That is a key indicator of what the reader is looking for and now, with such tools such as the Google Keyword Planner and Jaaxy, you can get the amount of traffic a specific keyword is getting and how to rank for it.

At this point, I urge you to sign up for a keyword research tool. You have Google Keywords (which is free) and Jaaxy (which is a paid tool but you have 25 free searches)


I use Jaaxy and that’s because it provides much more information about a specific keyword I am studying.

Here is what comes up for me when I look for keywords related to “trading forex as a beginner


The first number is the amount of monthly traffic that a search term gets along with how much I should expect to get out of that if I am ranking on page one.

You can also see the competition value and also a keyword identifier (which tells me if this keyword is easy to rank for or not).

Now why am I telling all this?

Because starting out, you need to target the low competition keywords. That will make it easier for you to rank; thus get more traffic.

So, the first step to getting traffic is SEO. You just need to have Google on your side if you want to be successful at this.

I do suggest you also write a lot of product reviews for products, services, tools, and courses related to your blog topic.

I cover how to do product reviews in detail here.

Reviews rank high and fast, even if you are starting out. As a matter of fact, my review site has been enjoying steady growth month after month just from product reviews. You can see the traffic I’ve been getting just from Google in this screenshot below:


How To Get Traffic With Social Media

I know most of us like social media, I sure do. Actually, for this blog you’re reading right now; social media is my #1 traffic source (mostly from Pinterest).

Now if you also like social media, then you will enjoy this part but “loving to use it” is a different story than “using it to get more blog traffic”.

First of all, you can’t do all the social networks, so I suggest you pick one (or two) and make sure you are using that channel (or two) to the best fo their ability.

By that I mean:

  • Firstly understand how the platform works,
  • Secondly understanding what the mentality of the user is,
  • Thirdly understanding what type of content works best on that specific social network and
  • Lastly uderstanding how to use the analytics section (which most SM channels have).

For this blog, I use Pinterest mostly, and it’s my “main one” when it comes to “social” although I do have a light presence on Facebook and a Twitter following that is getting bigger and bigger.

The benefits of using social media:

Fast Results:

Unlike search engine traffic which can take time to build, social media can get you traffic rather quickly, that is if you already have an established channel.

When the post you are reading right now get published, I have to wait for Google to come crawl my site, index it and then rank it according to how good they think it is.

On Pinterest, I can share the Pinterest specific image you will see below to share wit with my 500,000 people that I have on there through the use of shared boards (see more on that here).

This means that I don’t have to wait. If the post is good and the image to go along with it is “on point”, it can literally mean my post getting 1000s of hits instantly.

If on the other hand, you do not have a solid presence on social media, then take your time to build one.

I won’t go through the many specifics of that right now but there are a lot of guides on how to do that elsewhere.

Again; I would advise you to pick one or two social channels to use and dedicate your time to building only them.

Great Tools To Use For Social:

I have 5 blogs with their own social channels on many different platforms which means if I didn’t use tool to help me, I would be tied down to it each and every single minute of my life.

Which is not cool. I mean I love social media, but not that much!

That is where a nifty little tool called Buffer comes into play. I did a whole review on Buffer and how to use it to get results if you’d like to take a look at that.

It’s free to get started with but there’s also premium options available.

keep moving

Collecting Email Subscribers (From Day One)

One thing that you will always hear about is the many benefits of building a highly engaged email list.

Note I did not say “large email list”, I said, “engaged”.

You can have hundreds of thousands on your list but if they are not engaged with you, you are going to be paying a lot of money to host those emails, yet you will not be getting any results.

That is why learning how to use email marketing properly would be great for you at this point.

If you want more traffic coming in, you have to “own” your audience and that is where email marketing has the advantage.

Yes, every subscriber belongs to you and you can get in touch with them at any time without waiting for Google to rank you or for a post to go viral.

I have around 2000 email subscribers on all my lists and although that’s not a lot (compared to the big boys), sending an email out to them every so often gives me a huge spike in traffic to my blogs.

Here is how to get started with an email marketing campaign:

Get In ServiceThis means that you need to have an email management software to help you run this. Luckily for you, you can get started either for free with MailChimp or else pay $1 for your first 20 days with Aweber.

This will allow you to gather email addresses from your readers and also create automated emails and broadcasts that will go out on your behalf, a perfect way to scale your traffic and business!

Offer Something In Return

I’m sure you know by now that when a website or blog asks you to subscribe, they will offer you something in return.

This is called “the bribe” or “the hook”.

And believe me; even though it’s way too overused and people know what to expect, it still is the best method you can use to get email subscribers.

So, if you haven’t started with email marketing yet, or you already have but have not seen any subscribers, I suggest you do one of the following:

  • Create a free ebook.
  • Give away a digital course.
  • Offer readers a one on one communication with you.

Furthermore as we all know There are many other things you can offer to a reader, but these things I can guarantee will work as I use them myself.

As a “hook”, I give away:

  • My free ebook “How To Win At Affiliate Marketing“
  • A “getting started course” over at Wealthy Affiliate and
  • One-on-one communication with me so we can discuss your blogging venture.

Start Sending Emails

Really? Is it that easy? Just send emails?

Yes and no.

You can technically start sending emails yes, but there’s a right way and a wrong way in doing things.

Here are some of the most common mistakes newbie email marketers do:

  • Firstly send way too many emails
  • Secondly send way too many offers to buy something
  • Lastly just are spammy and frankly; annoying!

Moreover instead, just focus on providing some value with your emails by telling them about updates, once you get the hang of that; feel free to sprinkle in some offers or product placements!

Closing Thoughts

Howsoever as we all know traffic is the make or break of your blog so if you want to become successful with blogging, you need to focus all your time and energy on figuring out how to drive traffic to your content.

Meanwhile as we all know remember: if you are not getting the traffic you need to be successful… well you won’t be successful.

Nevertheless as we all know at this stage, I would suggest you take the free “getting started” course over at Wealthy Affiliate. There you will learn the complete process of how to create a blog, how to write content and how to get traffic coming in reading your posts.


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