How To Made A Quick ON MONEY On Facebook 2018


Made over $700 and I’m about to show you how.

If you want to know how to make money with Facebook this is a good place to start.


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How This All Started

I want to cover how this all started, this method has a little history behind it.

I first discovered this when I was reading a thread where a member of Black Hat World made $189 in a day doing this.

Was interested because $189 is $189 no matter how you look at it, it’s money in the bank.

Then the fun began, I gave this a go however I didn’t make anything.

I didn’t make anything because I didn’t have the time to manually post and join groups all day long.

At this point, I stopped until I figured out a way to get this running with minimal work.

Well, I stumbled across a solution by mistake.

You can do this too, I’ve already had some members over at BHW who are making money with this.

FREE: Download my video training and discover how I make over $400k online a year. Don’t miss this download this now!

How To Made A Quick ON MONEY On Facebook 2018


“Click” Money In The Bank

Yeah right, where have you heard that one before?

Every “guru” on the interweb has dropped that line.

Although it’s nearly impossible to make money with just a click I’m going to show you how to do it with a few clicks.

The formula is simple

  • Make a landing page to collect emails
  • Make the landing page redirect to an affiliate offer
  • Start posting on facebook groups with a bot
  • Keep promoting


Step 1: Creating A Landing Page

Don’t be put off by complicated pages. People think making a landing page is hard, it’s simple.

I can churn out a page in 2 minutes.

This one is super simple yet it converts like crazy. I have a full landing page tutorial on this.

You will need some hosting to get this done I use Blue Host for my niche websites and projects like this.

Here is an example of how simple the landing pages look.

How To Made A Quick $700 On FacebookHow To Made A Quick ON MONEY On Facebook 2018


Once someone signs up they get redirected to an affiliate offer.

They also get my backlink article sent to them via an auto responder.

I want to make one thing clear you don’t have to collect emails, you could just spam an affiliate link in Facebook Groups however, you won’t make money this way.

To make my landing pages I use WP Profit Builder, this is a WordPress plugin so if you don’t have it already you will need hosting.


When making your first landing page it will seem a little confusing so I’ve made a video.

This simply explains it much better and you can follow it step by step to made a decent landing page.



You might be asking yourself “What can I offer people in exchange for their email?”

Think of something related to the niche you’re going to target and simply write a page or 2 about it.

It will then get sent to the person via autoresponder once they sign up. You can use Get Response, they have a 30 day trial. More on this soon let’s get back to the money.

First you need to get someone to optin like explained above then they will get directed to the decent offer.

Let’s say you target cooking groups you could simply write something like. “best 5 cooking books of all time”.

Once they sign up they get emailed the 5 best cooking books of all time.

Easy right?

Now you have them on your list for future promotions.


Step 2: Finding Offers To Promote

Now you have a website setup and a landing page it’s time to find an offer.

You must find something that’s related. I went with money online and I advertised this CPA offer from the Warrior Plus website.

This is the offer the person goes to after they sign up.

What if you want to try another niche?

You can find offers at ShareASale and Commission Junction. You can find out about ShareASale in this article.

So for exampl,e a friend of mine found a coupon CPA offer on ShareAsale and he promoted it to couponing Facebook Groups and did very well out of it.

You just need to get creative and think of something that you think will convert.

The offer will then be linked to your sign up form with the autoresponder you use. To learn how to paste it into your landing page I show you in detail in the video above.


Step 3: Setting Up A Facebook Account

Do not use your main Facebook account, you want to keep all this separate.

I was a little bit lucky because I had some accounts set up already.

Basically, you want to make an account 2 and make them look completely real with pictures.

It’s important that they look real.


Step 4: Posting To Facebook For Those Profits

This is the part where I wanted everything to be automatic, however it’s hard to get past Facebook’s ban hammer…. until now.

I discovered Ninja Blaster and this is why I got back into this method. I found this program somewhere then tried the trial.

Ninja Blaster is a bot that post of Facebook for you, you don’t have to do anything once it’s set up.

The best feature is the fact that it has spintax.

Whats spintax?

It’s article spinning, this will help you keep safe from Facebooks banning.

This is how you can make money on Facebook.

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