IPPIS Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information Get Yours Today.

In order to relieve officers of stress and make the IPPIS information retrieval seamless. The Force has decided to create this platform to allow officers serving all over the country make use of this portal to retrieve their IPPIS number. IPPIS Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information Get Yours Today

IPPIS Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information Get Yours Today

Officers need no longer travel far or call CFOs / OC MSS for IPPIS number. Please use the form on this page to retrieve you IPPIS number.

Police Officers can follow step by Step Guide below to get IPPIS Number.

  1. Login with https://policeippis.i.ng/Welcome
  2. A page will show exactly what you can see below.
  3. Fill the staff category
  4. Fill in your Rank
  5. And finally fill in F/AP Number
  6. Finally hit show Number below the form.

IPPIS Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information Get Yours Today

How to Obtain IPPIS Number

  1. Just as illustrated above after selection of Employee Category has been entered e.g ‘Civlian Staff
  2. Secondly, select your Rank e.g ‘ASP‘, *When civilian staff is selected, rank is automatically civilian.
  3. Afterwards officers re expected to enter Force/AP/Civilian Number
  4. Then finally click Show to reveal your IPPIS Data page.
  5. If you have followed all this process then a result is surpose to show like image below.

IPPIS Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information Get Yours Today

Policeippis.i.ng | ippis.gov.ng Portal | Police See How To Retrieve Your IPPIS number.

How IPPIS Login is done?

  1. Do you know that to Login verification.ippis.gov.ng Portal is easy?
  2. If you want to sign in to your account, then you have to kindly make sure you follow the instructions on this page.
  3. In just few minutes, you’ll see how you login to your ippis account.
  4. So you have to keep reading to see every guide on how to login to ippis portal.

Ippis Login

  • The process to follow is simple
  • You just need your ippis number and your registration token.
  • With your ippis number and token number you can easily access your data anywhere.
  • You can StartIPPIS Verification

Ippis Login

Having problems filling the forms? Call 08088224425, 09092999949, 09026737146, 08111679483, 08143251686. 

Disable DnD(Do Not Disturb) on your mobile phone. Only GSM number is allowed

You should note this: – Don’t share your ippis login details with someone you don’t trust. Secure your account information very well okay.

Where can I login ipppis from?

This is the most important thing we want you to know today. You can access your ippis account from anywhere.

You only need an internet connection to login to your account.

IPPIS login is very easy to complete. If you have a good smart phone, you can sign in ippis from your home.

You can also make use of your office laptop to access your account too.


Sharing your login information may put your account at high risk. If you want a more secured ippis account, then keep your login details safe.

Note: All the information we’ve provide above is to be used to access ippis portal by Nigerian civil servants.

Never you disclose your login details okay. Keep it safe at all time.

Before you complete ippis login today, kindly ensure that you’ve generated your token. Also make sure that your token code is correct.

Visit us next time to see more on verification.ippis.gov.ng login okay.

Follow this guide now to sign into your account.