Mr Ike Oye, of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) has placed a called on Nigerians to help in praying for the health of President Muhammadu Buhari. Saying the good people of Nigeria should always believe in their leaders and always pray for them

, while calling for all Nigerians to pray for Buhari not to die until he accomplishes his destiny and the destiny of Nigeria.

Is Buhari Dead? 1

“He has flesh and blood like everyone else and therefore can fall sick like every other person. Therefore nothing should be shocking about somebody being sick.
Being a sincere man, he made it known publicly that he was going for a 10days leave where he will also use that opportunity to do some necessary checkups.

“If you by any means see him at King’s hospital, so what’s the big deal there? Is it now a crime to be sick?
“The Chairman said Buhari would have done marvellously, only if Nigerians had wished him well. All these enemies fighting him from every corner are not fighting the president but fighting the Nation Nigeria.
“Buhari will not die now, but If he dies tomorrow, then I believe it is his time, which is a debt that we all must pay some day. There is nothing strange about it, I will die someday. So If President Buhari dies today, it means he died for Nigeria because we gave him the mantle of trouble that killed him,” Oye disclosed.