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Our names are MMM we looked for a means to bring greedy Nigerian together, after a wide consultation we decided to come up with a platform, a platform that looks so real, a platform where 30% of every money used in providing help will be given to its members. At first we decided that any participant who joins MMM with may be NGN10k, we will personally pay the participant back together with his/her percentage. Why? Because we need him/her to be convinced that our platform pays and it’s reliable.

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In strengthening the tie we push further by telling him/her to gets referral bonuses if he/she could bring a friend and he/she does exactly that. Two of the participant’s friend signs up with N20k each and we return their investment with our own money and give our first client a special bonus for bringing them.

Is This What MMM Have To Say? oooo My God |MMM Back To Nigeria|MMM Registeration


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Now they are happy which means they are now our indirect marketers, their friends are aware that their colleague got a referral bonus for bringing them inn. They begin to plan big not only to bring their spare money but to bring the whole of their savings, they bring more people. At this point, everyone wants referral bonus, happiness bonus etc as my system is now verified and working.

Lots of people are now joining the verified platform, now I and my group do not need to pay them again; we are now using their money to pay them while waiting for more members to participate (provide help) just to make sure there is always money available in the system. Hoping that greedy participants will soon provide help worth of N1m, off course you know we run the website with money and we’ve spent lots of money to build the trust on the platform so we pair the greedy provider of N1m with one of our executive. Then we merge about 30 people to provide N50k to pay him/her back in 30 days, and now he/she has N1.3m the participant is happy and enjoying quick investment right?. My system is working True/False? This time around the participant will not only tell his/her friends and colleagues but will selfishly want to open multiple accounts to provide huge investments on them participant tells colleagues in social media and they all want to be in the next level with their friend.

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Do not forget that our first members who provided help with N10k suddenly have now gotten greedy, they all have created multiple accounts to monitor time of get help and time of providing help but we don’t care. Big boys have been introduced; they are now our big fishes. The big investments are being paired with our executives; we no longer provide money but are getting return from people’s investment. Whenever we see huge amount to be paid, we instantly pair the account to mine but that’s within 14days. Monkey de work baboon de chop.

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Our platform is now non to any one, governments are now scared, banks are complaining that money no longer stay put on individual account but moves from one account to the other why? That has now made the platform to thrive because new members in hundreds of thousand keep coming in. Many countries are in a wild recession; Our scheme is their only way to survival. We have helped a lot of Nigerians in the following areas:

  • Paid house rents
  • Paid school fees (Masters, children, ICAN, Politics name it etc….)
  • Bought cars
  • Funded their ceremonies with my platform
  • Believe or leave it we suddenly became an employer of labor.
Everything that has a beginning must have an ending read your Holy book very well (Ecclesiastes) we have productively built a network of participants running into millions. But right now there is a serious cash shortfall. Christmas is just by the corner and everyone desires to have his/her 30% of his/her investment back. since we have now decided to make it a one sided thing, just collecting millions as an administrator without spreading it back, and because we are now short of new members to match the financial demands of the existing members, our platform has collapsed but we are not done getting our millions from greedy people.

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We say there is a temporary freeze on the platform for reasons best known to us. After all we’ve done a lot for them so they believe whatever we say when we say we’re protecting the system from crashing even when it was not the wise thing to believe.
I told them they couldn’t receive money this period but they could still donate yet they believed.

The reason for freezing the account for that one month was to see if we could pay the existing members from the donations of our new members. Unfortunately, some upcoming participant’s had lost faith in the system, the new and existing members were now scared to provide help during the freeze because they were unsure of getting their 30% returns back. Social media oooo also helped in spreading propaganda that our site was Ponzi that had collapsed.

Due to the evil spreading by social media we came together as executive to think of the best way to regain our confidence back so we decided to I re-launch MMM platform a day before the supposed return. 

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OOOOH you all needed to see the excitement on participant faces their joy knew no bounds, it was just as if Christmas started all again on 13th of January, we sent messages through the platform that old existing people who had provided help could now get help. We also added some attractive incentives for new members. Unfortunately again we still faced the same problem that made us shut down temporarily, this time around their trust went down even worse.

Participant who provided help during the shutdown all wanted to cash out their money at the same time. So we came to a conclusion that in other to sustain the platform we only needed to pair those that needed NGN 31k and below why because we needed to balance the rotation of cash flow. 

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Even then there was no sufficient money to settle everybody. Those paired to pay others did not comply, then we knew we were in for doom finally the trust was gone like NEPA failure. Participants had suddenly grown cold feet when they realized that it was not possible for 30% to be added to your money except someone lost his/her own money.
Immediately platforms like NNN, Givers forum, MNM, Swiss etc took over our trusted place. The moment we change our minds now, all will eventually meet their ends. Greed and selfishness always comes to an end in an agony way.

Though folks with huge amount of money still live in delusions of grandeur that I have not crashed, mmm keep dreaming maybe they expect me to send them personal messages telling them it’s over. Well I can only advise you read Ecclesiastes 3 verse 1. I would also advise that people make more wise financial decisions next time. Greed has always been our driving force which has always done more harm to us than good. Hahaha if you like swear for MMM they won’t hear or feel it after all you were told to use your spare money

My name is MMM I am the back breaker together we finish the world. 

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