Jammeh Of Gambia: Looted $11 Million Cash on Tinubu’s Private Plane

The game of 22-years dictatorship came to an end on Saturday
night after Asiwaju Bola Tinubu came to the rescue of the former Gambian
president with his Falcon 900 into exile.

It was all filled with emotions as Jammeh, Zainab his wife,
mother and son Mohammed all look sorrowful as they were being taken out of
Banjul into exile.

For Tinubu, he believes that the facilitation of the
restoration of peace to The Gambia was supreme.
There have been rumours spreading like wild fire that monies
were flown out of the country on the flight, investigations has proven them
Jammeh Of Gambia: Looted $11 Million Cash on Tinubu’s Private Plane 1

“Nothing of such happened,”

“In fact, it was not possible for looted monies to have been
taken away on an aircraft that was in public glare. The radar of the
international media, security forces and Gambian people was on the aircraft.
“It is virtually impractical to pack millions of dollars on
the plane. In any case, no money was loaded into the plane, come to think about
it a sitting president was on board: Guinean President Conde, Jammeh, his wife,
mother and son,” the sources narrated.
It’s believed that Jammeh took with him $11 million.
Well BBC report clarifies the air: the cash was purportedly
taken after Jammeh failed in the December 1 and 2 elections.
It did not say that it was packed into the plane and flown
out last Saturday.

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