Karisas Travel News: Why Do People Living Abroad Rarely Help Their Relations?

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My mums brother is in Australia for 11yrs a masters holder in an NGO doing well no family member he’s helping am a university graduate graduated 2yrs ago and served being doing a menial job as hospital pharmacy assistant i have always wanted to travel to countries like: Canada, Australia, USA, Germany but i seem not opportuned its been my desire to go and study pathology for graduate diploma and Physician Assistant/ immunology & vaccines for masters being that i was frustrated by my Hod then in school to sleep with him before i could graduate this led ,me graduating with a 3rd class.

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I have vision to study seriously and i need help but nobody to even help me to travel out to achieve this dreams even if it takes me working my ass off for 1/2yrs to send my self to school there i dont mind,worst is here in Nigeria no work even someone determined to hustle this hard and make the money can’t even see any talk of saving i have tried little saving up to 40k just wondering how long its going to take me achieve this dream i intend achieving all these before 30yrs am 26yrs meanwhile i got admission at age 19 years now, due to all my encounters with my school lecturer who made me graduate at 24.

I cry each night seeing this dreams fade away i have dreams but i can’t, i don’t know where help can comes from i wake every night praying and crying to God sometimes i would think no hope on my side.

For people bashing at me i accept and ingest all you throw at me you wouldn’t know how it feels with the rate of unemployment over here only the poor with such dreams can testify and know how it feels like.

I never said money over there falls from the tree or easier thought based on the bills paid over there am all about remembering loved ones at home based on the fact life ain’t easy.

Brothers and sisters I told you all about my dreams and visions in the research/medical industry my situation sometimes make me cry but I refuse giving up.

Am a 3rd class graduate of Pharmacology therapeutics by circumstance but with vision and goals.

Prospective visions/goals
Pgd:Pathology /Pharmaceutical Quality assurance
Msc:Immunology & vaccines/Physician Assistant

Brothers and sisters talking about me going to Ecowas country am all about those programs and gaining knowledge practically also hustling /working to help my self in school.

I believe it will end in praise for those bashing at me thank you,I hope to be back on this thread in years to appreciate.

FOR 3RD CLASS holders with visions please don’t give up.

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