There are different ways of reading whatsapp messages without sender knowing that the receiver has read it. This and more we have to illustrate today believe it or not by the end of this post readers should be able to establish these facts: Learn To Read Whatsapp Message While not Online, secondly you will learn how to read whatsapp messages without blue tick, how to read whatsapp messages in notification bar  and lastly, how to make whatsapp messages unseen.

No doubt, lots of people have been in a situation where you are either expecting to see two tick marks on your whatsapp of tick marked blue, meaning that receiver must have received and also read messages,  infact, most times you receive just one mark not knowing that receiver has received, read and discarded. Today we will show you how all this and more works.

As a matter of fact many whatsapp app user have no slightest idea that their re features inside the app setting where all this can be done or undo. This features include: Turn off the read receipt feature, turn on, remain offline, and so much more.

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Learn To Read Whatsapp Message While not Online

Disable Read Receipts: Activating this feature automatically Disables read receipts, which is one of the most authentic as well as straightforward ways which you opt for if you don’t want to let a sender know if you are actually reading the messages. However, you will also not be able to know if someone has read your messages.

To disable read receipt on WhatsApp do the following:
  1. Go to the WhatsApp Settings ⇒ Tap on Accounts.
  2. ⇒Tap on the ⇒Privacy option ⇒ untick Read receipts. 😀 
Go Off The Grid:

Firstly turn off all internet connections to disallow WhatsApp’s ability to communicate.

⇒Enable Airplane Mode to turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data.
⇒Open WhatsApp, tap the message and read.
⇒Close WhatsApp and fully kill the app.
⇒Disable Airplane mode.  😆

Find out that message even after reading will still be marked unread, reasons are :

  1. Whatsapp was open when all connection was in Airplane mode
  2. All data connections was switched off
  3. User logged out of Whatsapp before reactivating all connection back. 

Read WhatsApp just by wiping your screen down with the help of Widget:

Whatsapp application helps users have access to sender messages without opening the App.

Nevertheless, such act only shows messages in excerpt format.

Still reveals that message has not been read by both parties involved. (This from the app show that messages has not be read tick remians white not blue)

Read From Notification Drawer:

Though this method only applies to short Whatsapp messages, but it’s a great way to read charts without having to open the application and notify the sender.

Do not tap on the message itself while you are reading, because it will transfer you to the application and then Whatsapp will notify the sender that you have read the message.

Hmmm,  😀 Finally we have come to the end of this topic on Learn To Read Whatsapp Message While not Online – We hope you have learnt so much than even expected?

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