Login Pay-pal Manager Issues & Solutions – Solving Paypal login problems is what you will get in this article, as a matter of fact, issues like login problem may come up especially when all normal procedures is ignored mostly on paypal and phone number.

This guide in a way is targeted at guiding users of Paypal how to resolve issues ranging from PayPal signature, PayPal password problems, PayPal login prepaid,  PayPal login manager. Other are PayPal login issues, PayPal login business, PayPal login recovery  and lot more.

At the end of this article, users should be able to get solutions on the following: Solutions to resolve issues from PayPal login, password prepaid and so many more.

Login Pay-pal Manager Issues & Solutions

One major issue we have always detected from users re:

  1. login problem, mostly coming from inputting the wrong email address always add the “.com” at the end of the email when signing in paypal.com.
  2. Using old email address, please login with same old email address, thereafter change your email to the new email on the preference section of your account page.

Paypal password problems in PayPal login.

  1. Paypal password: Characters must at least eight (8) characters and password system is case sensitive (i.e PayPal password system recognizes small and capital letters) so ensure you check them out.
  2. If in all your effort you could not recall your PayPal password, you are advised to do a password reset.
  3. Old password reset and sent to your email.
  4. Also, you can also change new password anytime you suspect that your password exposed
  5. Furthermore, user can change new password anytime user suspect password tampered with.
  6. Simply click on forget a password, enter your email and click reset.
  7. Lastly, user receives an email, last opportunity to change your password to new personal PayPal password.

 Login Pay-pal Manager Issues & Solutions

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